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Google Calendar

Are you looking for a reminder along with all your many appointments online? Well, you have to look no further all you need is just a Google account. You also need a data connection because Google calendar has got you covered.

Google Calendar

This type of calendar is a brand of Google that links your Google account to a specific calendar. With which you can schedule events, appointments and special meetings. And as long as your Google account is linked to your phone, Google will always send you a reminder so you don’t forget.

This calendar is very easy to generate because Google and Google calendar is closely related. You will also be amazed that you can view your Google calendar from your Google calendar itself.

Google calendar is very essential for very busy men and a businessman. Knowing your scheduled events from time to time is necessary. It keeps you updated when writing, reading and sending emails. With Google calendar you will also be updated at the times you are free. Google has a way of bringing your Google calendar to your Gmail structure. With this way, you do not have to switch tabs to view your emails and your calendar without leaving your Gmail account.

How to Create Google Calendar Event from a Mail In A Browser

First, you must be able to access your Google account from a web browser, next you’ll have to follow these easy steps

  1. Visit this URL from your browser “” and log into your Google account.
  2. Next, on the Gmail toolbar click on the more button to open a drop-down button or hit the period key on the Gmail keyboard shortcuts if you have it enabled.
  3. Now wisely choose ‘create event’ button on the more drop-down button to open the calendar window. the calendar fills the event name with the subject of the email, it also fills the description with the body of the content of the emails, you can make any changes if necessary.
  4. You must set a time, a date and an end time for this particular event on the drop-down menu under the event name on top of the window, that is if they don’t automatically take the date of the mail
  5. Now you should add a location for this event in the provided area
  6. Add colors to the event and say if you are busy or free at the time of the event

You can always edit the event on the events button in the google calendar in case of change of events.


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