Google Chrome Browser – How to Download and Install


Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome browser is a free web browser created and owned by Google. Chrome has everything you need to make the most out of the web like quick search, answers, and others.

Google Chrome Browser - How to Download and Install

When surfing on the web, you are definitely on a mission. Be it work or play, be it big or small chrome has the speed and excellence you need to create, explore and discover online. Do you know? That with chrome nothing goes wrong on the web. Yes! With Google Chrome, you do not have to worry because it automatically secures and protects you from issues like dangerous sites and fraudulent emails.

Google Chrome browser is a process that serves as a portal for gaining access into the World Wide Web applications. This feature was launched in 2008 and it issues out various upgrades and updates every year.

Now let us quickly move to the reasons you should make use of chrome as your number one browser.

Reasons to Use the Google Chrome Browser

I can say that this feature is absolutely one of the best things that have ever happened to the internet. What else could be better than having a super and dedicated browser right at your call to browse and surf through the web!

Chrome has always been of support to a lot of us. Now let us see the reasons that make this browser worth mentioning to everyone despite the various and several competitions.

  1. It is Very Fast;

There are other browsers that are quick in opening pages but what matters most is when you open heavy pages which consists of files like so much video, much graphic, ads and so on. The Google chrome loads and opens such pages just in the wink of an eye! You will not be able to find such speed in other browsers.

2. It is Secure

The Google browser possesses a lot of web-portal products and they certainly have their best engineers who help them control the internet and who ensure that the updates of the browser are always secure.

3. It is Easy to Understand

It has a neat and clean design and you can rest assured that you are into a browser that helps you surf and searches the web easily.

  1. Market

If you have been current on the previous stats, you will find out that chrome is at the top and leading the market with 70% of the market shares with other browsers like; opera, firefox, and safari following.

The reason for this is that the Google browser is trusted among people and their products are genuine than any other browser. Chrome has been into the market since 2008 and no other browser has been able to overthrow it.

  1. Quick Upgrades and Updates

The Google Chrome browser is very good at making new technologies, good compatibility, upgrading sites and much more. They bring new updates every day before anyone else does and it gives its users a smooth and easy experience of browsing the World Wide Web. Although other browsers bring out updates, they come late while chrome always comes first.

How to Download and Install Google Chrome Browser

You can download chrome on Android devices, IOS devices, windows, Mac, and Linux. To Install:

  • On your smartphone, go to your Google play store and find the chrome app.
  • Click on the chrome app and tap “Install”
  • Tap “Accept”
  • To get started, go to your app menu and click on the chrome app.


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