What is ‘Google contacts’? As the name implies it is easy to see that this is a product and service developed byGoogle. Now that’s out of the way what is this very Google product and service all about.

‘Google contacts’ is Google’s very own contact management tool. This very service by Google is free to anyone who wishes to make use of it. This very Google service can be accessed via Google email service, Gmail; it can also be accessed as a stand-alone app or as a part of Google’s g suite.

Everyone has made use of this Google feature knowingly and unknowingly to them and in this article, we will all learn about this tool and how it can be beneficial.

Google Contacts

Google Contacts

What is ‘Google contacts’? The answer to this question is very basic and straightforward. This Google contact management tool is a way to store and organize your contact information about the various people you communicate with.

The information you store on this platform can contain pieces of information such as email addresses, names, and mobile phone numbers. This tool can also include more pieces of information such as a physical address, department, employer, and job title.

There are two types of Google contacts and they are;

  •          The Google apps directory
  •          And the ‘my contacts’

Although each of these apps is different and works separately they are similar. The Google apps directory is more like the domain-wide contact list. This very type of Google contact lists the contact information of the domain users and Google groups. It can also include external contacts and this may include suppliers or contractors, calendar resources if the administration chooses to add them.

The Google apps directory type of contact is available to everyone with the domain but only if the administrator of an account has enabled contact sharing within the contact domain.

My contacts type on the other hand is a list or contains a list of people rather a person manages. A user can add contacts to this list manually or save entries from the Google apps directory. This very type is private and cannot be shared with any other user. An individual manager can add, edit, and also delete contacts using the contact manager.

What Can You Do With The Google Contacts Tool

There are lots of things you can do with this goggle tool. And if you have been following me on this piece then you should have learned of these things. But on the other hand, if you haven’t gotten the full picture as of yet.

With the Google contacts tool, you can organize, review, and merge your contacts. You can also create personal mailing lists with this tool. This tool is very productive and effective. And it is loved by every user out there for many reasons.

One very particular reason why it is loved is that with this tool it is easy to keep all your contact information in one place and also reach several people all at once.

How To Add Contacts To Your Google Contacts List

Adding contacts to your list is easy. Whenever you save a mobile phone number to your android device, that number automatically added to your Google contact list. Also if you save a number to your Gmail address, the number is added to your Google contact list also. However, you can also add a contact to this platform manually and to do this;

  •          Go to Google contacts.
  •          Click on the create contact button in the left-hand column.
  •          Enter a name for your contact and add other contact information if you choose.
  •          Click on the save tab when you are done.

To Add A Contact Form Your Organizations Directory To Your Personal Contact

  •          On the Google contacts page, click on the directory option on the left column.
  •          Click on the ‘add to contacts’ option to the direction of contacts.
  •          Select the contact you want to add and click on the add to contacts tab.

To Create Group Contacts

Use Labels To Organize Your Contacts Into Contact Groups

Create New Contact Group Label

  •          Under the labels option, click on create label.

  •          Enter a name for your label and click on save.

Add Contacts To A Group Label

  •          Next to each contact name you want to add check the box.

  •           Click manage labels in the top right corner
  •          Lastly, choose a group you want to add the contacts to. Next to the group you chose, a checkmark will appear

Remove Contacts From A Group Label

  •          Click on a group name on the left column.

  •          Select an option:

o   Check the box next to the contact you want to remove and in the top right click on the manage labels tag and click the name of the group name to remove a contact.

o   Next to a contact, you want to remove, click on more. Next, click on the group name to remove a contact.

Rename Or Delete A Contact Group Label

  •          Under labels on the left column, locate the group you want to rename or delete.
  •          To rename the contact group, click on the rename label icon and enter a new name and click on save.
  •          To delete a group, click on the delete icon next to the group.

And that’s it. When you follow the steps above you won’t have any issues with the Google contacts management tool.


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