Google Data Studio: Google’s Dashboarding & Data Visualization Tools


Hey there, have you heard of the latest and trending data studio tool in town? If you haven’t heard about it, here is your chance. Well to cut through to the chase, the name of this data studio tool is no other but the Google data studio tool.

Now I know you have a lot of questions going through your mind right now about this tool for both users and non-users of data studio tools. A user of a data tool might want to know why this very tool is special and why he or she should ditch the one they are using for it.

For non-users and those who don’t understand what this is of course they want to know and if possible how they can get started with it, whatever it is, you have nothing to worry about.

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio

Before I go further and real deep into the Google data studio, what is a data studio? If you have an understanding of what a data studio is, then you should understand what the Google data studio term is all about. But on the other hand, if you have no idea, you will need to first have a basic idea as to what a data studio is.

And then the goggle data studio tool won’t be an issue. To therefore take us further in this article. A data studio is a free tool that turns your company data into informative, easy-to-understand, read, share, fully customizable reports, and dashboards.

When it comes to analytics, for marketers, this has always been a challenge. Trust me, analytics can be overwhelming, confusing, and difficult for an ordinary person to decipher or understand. I remember when I was in this position.

I never like anything analytics then. But when I got to get a clearer picture of it, I found out that it was necessary and interesting. Due to the sometimes complexity of these analytics, most digital marketers don’t border reporting back to their client’s analytics.

Information just might be too much leading to the complexity of comprehension. And the basic truth about the whole thing is that there is no easy means of providing these pieces of information to clients and customers.

But however, I have got good news for you if you are a marketer. With the Google Analytics tool, getting your information across will no longer be an issue. Continue reading to know how best to get started now.

Why You Should Use The Google Data Studio

If you have been following me, then you should know why you should start making use of the Google data studio now in preparing your reports. This tool gives you everything you need to turn your data that belongs to your clients and customers into easy-to-understand reports via data visualization.

With the reports provided using this tool, you can easily read and share with clients. One of the most important aspects of this very Google tool is comprehension. This tool was not just built for building’s sake.

This very tool was built to tackle one of the issues that have been plaguing the digital marketing world for some time now and that is ‘understanding’. With this tool, everyone can easily read and understand the reports you provide.

Another reason why you should probably make use of this tool is that you can actually do more with it in the sense that you can import data from other platforms such as Facebook as long as the said information is in a google spreadsheet. If you are good or familiar with spreadsheets.

You probably may not see the need of integrating or needing the services of the tool. But if you are one of the many marketers that hate spreadsheets, then you would find this tool really effective and loving.

How To Access Google Data Studio

Getting access to the google data studio is easy. The beta version of this tool is free, did I mention? As long as you have a google analytics account, then you are good to go. Just go to Google Analytics on your internet-enabled device and log in with your google analytics login details.

If on the other hand, you don’t have one, you need to create one now. After logging in, you will find some sample reports on the homepage that will give you an idea of what the reports and information will look like when you pull them in immediately you get started. Go through each of these samples to see your possibilities. To get started you will have to click on the ‘welcome to data studio (start here)’ link.

You will be taken to a visual and interactive tutorial on a new page that will guide you on every step on what you can do with the data studio and how to get started. On the google data studio homepage, you will see reports and data in the upper left corner.

The reports here let you create your own reports and data in visual forms. Dat sources on the other hand are components that connect a report to your data. A good example is Google AdWords, analytics, and sheets. These data sources are reusable.

To start with the creation process of your new report. Click on the blue plus icon at the bottom right corner of the page, accept terms and conditions and you are good to go.

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