Do you want to make use of a dictionary? Then try the Google dictionary! For students in high school, college, and University, the Google dictionary is preferable to use. The Google dictionary has all the grammar and meanings.

As we all know, Google is one of the biggest engines when it comes to searching things, this includes the dictionary. For a time not to be wasted, I would like to go straight to the point by explaining what this dictionary is and also how you can access it.

Google Dictionary

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Google Dictionary

This is an online dictionary service that can be accessed by using the “define” operator and other similar phrases in Google search. This service is also available in Google to Translate, an app or software on Windows, and also in the form of an extension for Google Chrome.

With this dictionary, you will have a good and easy time learning English and also the meaning of English. You do not need to sign up or sign in before you can make use of this feature. All you need to do is visit Google and then search for what you are looking for. Well, I will explain how you can easily access and make use of the dictionary on Google.

How to Access Google Dictionary

If you want to access and make use of the dictionary on Google, then you can download the software on your Windows device. You can also visit the Google site and then search for what you want. You cannot just search for something and do it as you want on Google.

If you want to search on Google and you want it to show or give you what you searched for, you will have to do something. Now I am going to show you how you can search for the meaning of a word and you will get the definition of the word or words you searched for. Just keep on reading to know how to search on Google.

Google search

The Google search is very powerful when it comes to searching for things or exploring. However users do not seem to know how to use this service. Well, it happens frequently that when users search for something on Google they do not get what they have searched for.

It is a result of not following the procedure on how to do so. Now if you want to search for a word like; Space and you want to know the meaning just do it like this; Type in the empty long box on the Google page, “Define space” and then click search.

Immediately, you will be given the definition of what you have searched for. This goes for anything on Google. If you need the meaning, then you have to replace “define” with “meaning” and then click search. This is how you can search for things on the Google platform. But apart from searching it online, you can easily download the software on your Windows.

Google Dictionary Download

The Google Dictionary software or app is not available on Phones but on Windows. But if you want to download a dictionary app is a good one then go to your app store. Then search for the Oxford Dictionary or Advanced English dictionary; these dictionaries are also good when it comes to explaining grammar. While if you want to download the dictionary on your Windows follow the steps below:

  • Go to your Windows software store then search for the Google Dictionary.
  • When you have found it.
  • Then just click the download button.

The software will immediately start to download on your window.

Google Dictionary for Chrome

Here are steps for you to follow when you want to add the dictionary to your Chrome.

Now it will be added to your Chrome and can be found at the top of your Chrome page where you can make use of it anytime.


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