If you are just in search of amazing Google services to make use of, then you should check out Google Docs Online. Do you want to know how it works? Then stay right on this article, as you get to know just how you can make great use of it.

Google Docs Online

Google Docs Online

This is a word processor that is made up of a free web-based software office suite brought to you by Google, as part of its Google Drive service. Google Docs Online is made up of other services such as Google slides, Google sheets, presentation programs, and a spreadsheet. It is available as a mobile app for iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows phones. It is also available as a web application and an app for your desktop on Google ChromeOS. This app is compatible with the Microsoft Office formats.

Let’s move further, as you get to know more about the use of this service. It entails so much that will definitely be of great use to you.

Google Docs 

This Google Docs Online application gives you the chance to create and edit your files online. Here, you can even collaborate with others. Using this file, you get to work anywhere and anytime, even if you are offline. Do you know one amazing fact about this? You never have to worry about your files and work; why? Everything is saved and is kept secure just for you. As you type in your files, they are automatically saved! Here, you also get to research, explore, and discover. What more? Open, edit, and save your word documents on the go.

Now, you may begin to wonder what this online version is all about, right? Well, it is the web application, as was earlier stated in the previous part of this article. Here, you can create documents and spreadsheets, edit, and save them online. They are accessed with an active internet connection and web browser. If you want to create, edit, and share your documents using Google Docs online, follow this part of the article.

Create a Document – Google Docs Online

  • On your computer device, launch your web browser and visit the official web application on docs.google.com
  • On the upper-left side of the page, under Start, a new document, click on the “+” button

Here, you have to follow the steps to create your document.

Edit Your Document

  • On your computer device, open a document on the Docs page
  • To select a word document of your choice, double-click on it
  • Start editing
  • To undo or redo any action on the document, make use of the Undo or Redo arrows at the top

Share with Others

  • Open a document on the Docs page
  • At the top, click on Share

This will take you further, as you follow the instructions to share and work with others.

Google Docs Download

It is available as an app for mobile phones and desktops too. We have cleared the part of the web application, let’s move on to the others. In this part of this article, you will get the details to help you download the mobile app on your phone.

  • On your mobile phone, launch your device’s download/app store
  • In the search bar, type in and search for “Google Docs”
  • Click on the very first app from the search results
  • Proceed further by clicking on Install, Get, or any other supported download button on the app store page

Google Docs for PC – Google Docs Online

This amazing platform is also available as a desktop app for your PC. Follow the steps below to download yours right away.

This should begin the download of the app. After the download, open, create, save, edit, share, collaborate, and enjoy much more!


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