Google Domains

‘Google Domains’ is a domain registration process provided by Google, which was launched for general availability in the United States on January 2015. Apart from offering a domain registration, the service also offers at no additional charge, a private domain registration, a domain name system, a hosting service that runs the domain name system servers and the forwarding of emails to any Gmail address.

Google Domains - How to Get Google Domains

This service is new on Google’s platform, but very interesting. It contains a great capacity, but will it have a positive impact on the way we go about domain name registration and web building projects? I will be answering the question in this article.

This domain service is same as other domain registration services that have been on the ground for years. You can go to Google Domains and register a new domain name for your brand and use it to launch your website, set up email accounts and so on.

Uses of Google Domains

This service is a domain name registrar. You can use this service to:

  1. Buy and register a new domain name for your site.
  2. Search and find available domains.
  3. Access, control and renew your registration.
  4. Get traffic on your domain and on your website.
  5. Transfer your domain from another domain registrar.

Benefits of Google Domains

  1. It comes with privacy at no additional charge – your personal informational will not be accessible.
  2. You can link your domain to G suite – G suite gives you and your company access to Google drive, calendar, docs, and other Gmail services.
  3. It gives you a stress free collaboration with large website builders – if you want to register a new domain name, the chances are you want a website to be built on it. And to make things easy for you, the domain feature collaborates with some popular website builders. Examples of these top website builders are; Blogger, Weebly, Google App Engine and so many other Google sites.

How to Get Google Domains

For you to get a domain, you have to buy one. Here’s how to buy a domain.

  1. Visit the Google Domain page on your web browser.
  2. In the search bar, type in the domain name you would like to use for your store.
  3. Tap the search icon to find out if the domain is available.
  4. If the domain name you have chosen is not available, the domain feature gives you similar suggestions of domains you can get.
  5. If the domain you search for is available, or if you like the one suggested to you, click on “Add to cart” icon.
  6. View the items in your shopping cart, and click on “Proceed to checkout”.
  7. Fill in the form given to you on the page.
  8. Choose your privacy setting – public or private.
  9. Click on “Continue”.
  10. Add the method through which you want to pay for the domain you just purchased. And click on “Accept and continue”.
  11. Go through the purchase again and click on “Buy”.



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