If you want to engage in real-time audio and video calling with your friends and family, then the Google Duo App Install is something you have to do right away! The Duo app is currently used by millions of people who are enjoying the service made available to them by Google. And if you just want to be part of this, then you should stay right in this article.


Google Duo App Install

The Google Duo App Install is available for both Android and iOS devices. Using these devices, you are able to engage in real-time and high-quality video calling with others. Unlike FaceTime, which is compatible with iOS devices only. Using this Duo app, you are able to engage in audio or video calling across Android and iOS devices.

With this, let’s proceed further, as you get to discover the features of this amazing app. It is the highest quality video calling app. It is simple, reliable, and works on smartphones, tablets, Google Nest, and on the web.

Google Duo Review

There are so many people out there who make use of the app. And according to these users, several opinions have been introduced. Now, what could be the review for this app? The users of this app have stated that it has got a high-quality video and audio calling feature. However, this is the only feature it provides! There is no use of other features such as recording, messaging, live streaming, and others.

With this, let’s move further as you get to know the features of this app. So, if you are just in search of the right app to help connect with friends and family, then you should check this out.

  • Group calling
  • Calls across Android and iOS devices
  • Low light mode
  • Video call
  • Voice calls

These are the features available on this Duo app. So, if you want to engage in the Google Duo App Install, you should get started right away.

Duo Mobile App

You now know the amazing features of this app and would want to get on the amazing use of this app, right? It is absolutely easy to do this. How? The Google Duo App Install is available for smart mobile phones, which are Android and iOS devices. So, if you make use of any of these compatible devices, then you can download the app right away from the App store on your device. Follow the steps in the next part of this article to download and install the app on your smartphone.

Google Duo Download

On your smartphone, get on the Google play store or Apple app store and follow the steps below.

This will begin the installation of the app into your device.

Note: some phones come with the Duo app already installed. Scroll through your phone and if found, simply open the app and follow the instructions to set up. Make sure your active Google account is logged into the same device.


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