If you have been considering the use of the Google duo app, then you just need a Google Duo Review. What for? This will help you get more details about this app. And from here, you can get to decide if it fits your use or not. With this, let’s check this out.

Google Duo Review


Google Duo Review 2021

Finally, Google has released an amazing app that so many people may have been expecting for so long. What could be this app be? Google Duo! This article will be serving as a Google Duo Review to help you know so much about how this app actually works for its users.

The Duo app is now known as one of the best video and audio calling apps on the internet today. Yet, some people out there do not know about it yet. So many users have stated the high quality of this app compared to other social platforms out there.

It is just the best app you could get for your video and audio calling purposes. However, the users of this app have stated their opinions and we will give you a review according to these reviews. This app is just right for your video and audio call, but has got just one feature! Unlike other platforms that may possess other interesting features. Google duo is used just for your video and audio calls.

Google Duo

This Duo app is just the ultimate location to help you engage in real-time communication with your friends and family. How? You can engage in real-time video and audio calls. This feature is available to its users in a web version and mobile application. So, whichever way you may want to make use of it, you are just set to go!

One amazing feature of this app is that you can use it across different devices, unlike some apps that require the use of one operating system. What are the features of this amazing app?

  • Group calling
  • Voice calling
  • Video messaging and calling
  • Engage in calls between different devices
  • Low light mode

Note: data charges will apply for the calls you make on this app.

Google Duo for Windows – Google Duo Review

To access its web version, you simply have to get on your web browser and visit its official website on https://duo.google.com. To use this feature on your laptop, you simply have to go to the web version. Let’s check out how you can download the mobile application to your smartphone.

Google Duo App Install

This app is available for download on Android and iOS devices. If you make use of any of these compatible devices, follow the steps below to download this app.

  • Using an internet-connected Andriod or iOS device
  • On your smartphone, visit the Google play store/Apple app store
  • In the search bar, type in and search for “Google Duo”
  • Next, select the very first app from the list of results given to you on the next page
  • Proceed further, as click on “Install”, “Get”, or any download button on the page

This will begin the download, as you open the app and set it up. However, you have to make sure your Google account is active on your mobile device or laptop.

Note: some mobile devices already have the app installed. So, before downloading, search to see if you can find it on your device.


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