Google earth is an online computer program that renders a 3D representation of the earth, based on satellite imagery. This is an online means of exploring created by Google. This feature is an entirely free program that allows you to visit the world in high-resolution graphics and satellite images.  Its images are detailed that sometimes you can even see your house; the things around your yard your card etc. This feature is more of a means to travel around the world in a virtual display. This feature can also be downloaded and installed on your windows, mac, or Linux desktop or laptop computer. This software is not only available for Windows devices; it is also available as a google chrome plugin extension and a mobile app.

Google Material Design The Material design is a design word owned and developed by Google, which guides the design of products or settings. Web site designers who aim to give their products a special look have to set up a design word for it. This design feature currently works on grid layouts, animations, the padding system and so many other design effects such as lighting. This exciting and amazing design feature is a trend that has been growing so fast amongst a lot of web designers today and in this article, I will take a deep dive on the purpose of this feature how it will affect you in the design system. This design language aims to bring together the user experience on Google products and other platforms. And one of the effects of this design feature was planted in the cards associated with the “Google Now” feature. According to Google, the main goal the aim to achieve through this design language is to combine so many principles of great design with ideas gotten from science and technology. Advantages of Google Material Design I know you may begin to wonder, there are so many designs out there, why should I choose material design? Before going deep into that there are some designs that have limitations on how the designs look. So if you want to have a rich and accurate animation in your application or site, Google material design is the best choice to go for. The following are advantages of using material design: 1. It provides clear directions and guidance for setting up apps on Android devices, IOS devices and on the web. 2. You do not have to do a guess work when setting up a design or app as you have full directions. It is hassle free. 3. If you want to set up animations in your web site, this feature already contains in-built services to make things easy for you. Colors are the most important traits of this design feature for a designer and all other users. It makes your application look content and interesting. The right colors make your design look better. Google material design has an amazing collection of colors which be used by designers in their interface. How to Use Google Material Design In order for you to use material design in your web or application, all you need to do is add the “cascading style sheets and JavaScript files” you could download these files from the material design lite. And after that, begin to build the web or application with material design. Material design is one of the best design features which have been used by almost all webs and applications. If you think material design suits you, why not give it a try.

Benefits of Google Earth

The google earth software was originally called earth viewer 3D. This software was initially designed by a CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) funded company by the name keyhole Inc. the benefits of google earth are;

  1. High-resolution satellites images.
  2. Recent images for most locations.
  3. Do flyovers of anywhere on this earth.
  4. It is available on desktop, tablet or phone.
  5. Ability to zoom in on your house.
  6. Free, reliable and easy to use.

These are the few important benefits of this feature. If you have other questions, then I think it is best you experience it yourself. Continue reading to learn how to access and use google earth.

How to Access and Use Google Earth

Accessing and using this feature is not difficult at all. The moment you start using this feature, pray you do not get addicted. To access this feature, visit the official website at On the web page click on launch google earth and that is it. To install on your mobile device, simply visit your mobile device play store.

Using Google Earth

After accessing this feature, you would want to know your way around. To visit a location, click on the avatar icon at the top of the small globe. Click on any of the blues highlighted points to enter and view the street. You can change some settings such as fly settings, landing settings, cache etc. to do this, on your main screen click the menu icon, and then click on settings. When you have finished setting, save your settings as they will now be applied.


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