Google Finance App is one of Google’s numerous apps before it was removed from Google store Chrome Web Store in 2017. Google Finance app is a mobile app that was created to showcase stocks investment from different companies using the Google Finance platform.

Google Finance App - Download Free Google Finance App for Your Smartphones

Unfortunately, Google removed all the apps from its Chrome Web Store. But users can still take advantage of many extensions available through the store. Read on let’s see more on Google Finance App.

Google Finance App

Google Finance was first used on March 21, 2006. As reported by Wikipedia, “The services featured business and enterprise headlines for many corporations including their financial decisions and major news events.”

By September 22, 2017, Google announced that the Google Finance website will be embarking on a renovation that the portfolio features will come up again by the middle of November 2017. By 2018, the site came up again after renovation. And new features we’re adding, old portfolio features were migrated to the new website. Continue to read further on Google Finance.

Google Chrome Extensions

Google Finance app since it has been removed from Chrome Web Store, one can use extensions that are available in store. Extensions are added functionality to a web browser to serve as a link to the website and other online tools.

However, Google just shifted its apps to its Play Store. Making the apps available for all Android mobile devices and newer models of Chromebooks. In addition, you can still make use of Chrome Extensions to keep up with your finances.

Top Financial Chrome Extensions

The top financial Chrome Extensions will add more functions to your Chrome browser, making it easier to keep records of what is needful including Google Finance.

Finance Plus Extension

When you use the Finance Plus extension, you can add functionality to Google Finance with the extension. Google Finance is a web page that can be personalized to track stock prices and market that are important to you.

This includes financial news on businesses or issues that are of interest to you. With Finance Plus you can add charting tools to help you research data and trends.

Finance Toolbar-Real-Time Stock Tracker Extension

The Finance Toolbar-Real-Time extension is a stock tracker that is located on the toolbar of a browser. It can be customized to list what you choose. It can enhance your monitoring of the stock markets and personal stocks in a real-time frame.

It helps you to click on the price in the stock tracker and it will open on another page with further information about the market stock and others.

Chrome Currency Converter Extensions

The Chrome Converter converts prices that are listed on websites to any currency of choice. For instance, if you’re want to see prices in euros rather than dollars, the extension will let you see that.

This extension support over 160 countries. The extension offers multiple currency converters that can convert different currencies to another. On the browser use the keyword “currency converter to get different options.

Google Play Store

Google Play Store is a platform where you can get all Google apps. Google Play Store is very comprehensive, full of different apps. It works very well on smartphone android devices and supports the newer Chromebooks. Here are some of the useful and popular apps for your personal finances:

Google Pay

You can connect your credit card or bank account to Google Pay account and receive payment for items right into your phone. Also, Google Pay enables you to upload loyalty card information for many retailers, so you can receive the perks of the loyalty card immediately by paying with Google Pay.


PayPal is a financial payment system that one can carry out financial activities. When you use the PayPal app you also enjoy the features on the website. You can send money to your friends and family, even if you do not have a PayPal account or not.

Additionally, you can transfer money from your account and to your account. Also, there is a PayPal Business App that allows you to track your business activity, you can send and receive payments also send an invoice using the app.

Credit Karma

The Credit Karma app allows you to track your credit scores free of charge. Although it’s not a full credit report that you’ll receive but accessing your credit score is way helpful. You also get an alert to any fraudulent activities that it’s on your account.

Yahoo Finance

The Yahoo Finance app enabled you to track the market and stock prices. You will get relevant headlines just like Google finance. It is compatible with your Android phone devices. Therefore, with any of these extensions you can perfectly still access, track stock prices, and see daily happenings in the market.


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