Google Go also known as Golang is a programming language designed and owned by Google. It really does not have the main and normal features of the main Google, but trust me, it is very useful and fast to use! The thing is, how does this actually work? This article will tell you that!

Google Go

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Google Go

After releasing the Files Go and YouTube Go. Google is out with another Go app that is designed for your convenience. How does this work? It simply refers to the lighter version of the main Google search application. You may begin to ask if this is actually possible, right? Of course, we can tell that the main Google search platform takes up lots of space while this app occupies just 11 MB in size. Isn’t that amazing? Of course, it is!

Apart from this, there is an easy-to-understand layout, a personalized feed, Clickable shortcuts, and easy-to-use features made available to you. This app is simply free and easy to use. Instead of showing the news feed, they display icons of services like Google Search, YouTube, Maps, Voice Search, and Translate by your favorite apps.

Google Go Apps

This app is one of the lightweight versions of apps that Google has built, designed, and launched on its platform. The others include YouTube Go, Files Go, Gallery Go, Gmail Go, Maps Go, and Assistant Go.

This app is available for download on the Play Store. It is a simpler and faster way to search for terms and get an optimized result to save 40 percent of your data. Get your answers and results quickly with this app, even with slow connections and smartphones having low space.

What are the amazing features of this app?

  • Type less, explore, and discover so much more
  • Make Google read out the details to you
  • Search and translate your results using your camera
  • All in one app
  • Stay on top of trending updates and headlines
  • Find the right greetings for loved ones
  • Switch between different languages

As long as you have this app on your smartphone, you are sure to enjoy these amazing features.

Google Go Download

Whatever you may need from the internet, the Go app makes it so easy and fast for you to search for, find, and discover. How do you start making use of this amazing search feature brought to you by Google? You simply have to download the Go app onto your smartphone.

With this, follow the steps below to download this app from the Play Store.

This will begin the download of this Go app. After the download, open and enjoy the amazing moment of simplified search!


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