Google Gravity: Access And Activate The Google Gravity Trick With These Steps Now


What is Google gravity? Just as the name implies, you should know that whatever it is, it has got a whole lot to do with Google. Google all over the world is one of the most known names. You may know something’s about Google as a platform, or on the other hand, you may not. But one thing is for sure here. A huge chunk of the world’s population knows the name ‘Google’. Most people however know the platform as a web search engine. A place where you get answers to questions. A serious-minded place that’s all business. But wait a minute. What if I told you that there is actually more to this platform than what meets the eyes? Yes, there is and this is where Google gravity comes in.

Google Gravity

Google Gravity

Google gravity is not a space program as some persons might think. But this is one of the fun features on the platform. Did you just hear that? This simply means that you can, at last, have fun on Google. There are many things that Google is capable of doing and one of them is entertaining its users and audience. This is one of the various fun tricks that one can perform on Google with just a simple trick. This means that you can perform this trick and anybody also can perform this trick. Continue reading to find out more about Google gravity.

Google gravity is an alternative homepage on the Google platform. This alternative homepage on Google is always available and it lets users play with various icons on the Google page. This feature works as a traditional search engine, don’t get me wrong, but you should know that your search won’t be sorted out in the traditional way like you are used to.

Like is said, this is one of the various tricks that goggle can perform. The Google gravity application allows you to see the contents of the Google search homepage such as the search bar, languages, and other buttons that fall from the screen. Hence the name Google gravity. Once you have carried out this simple trick, everything you see on Google will be seen falling down due to gravitational pull.

Is Google Gravity Harmful

One might be curious as to what this means to their device, hence the question, is Google gravity harmful? The answer to this question is basic and straight forward. Google gravity is not harmful and it will not do anything to your device such as planting bugs of viruses. This program has been created so that users can have a little piece of fun on the platform. It’s not all the time that it is all business with the platform. Sometimes we just have got to go out of our way and have a little piece of fun and this is what this Google product and feature is offering. If you haven’t tried it out before, then you should as it doesn’t cost much or any form of expertise. Just a few simple steps and that’s it.

How To Access Google Gravity Feature On Your Device

Just as explained earlier, doing this is easy. You only need a few steps and that’s it. You do not need a Google account or any of the sorts. Follow the steps below to do the Google gravity fun feature on your device;

  • Open a web browser on your device. You can use any web browsers such as chrome, opera mini, Firefox and so many more.
  • Go to
  • Enter ‘Google gravity’ in the search bar.
  • Do not click on the search button or hit the enter key. But instead, click the button that says ‘I’m feeling lucky’.
  • Immediately, the trick will be activated. You can now start enjoying your time with the fun elements Google gravity has got to offer.

You can also access other features and options from the same screen. There are other fun web programs offered by Google also and some of them are;

  • Google anti-gravity.
  • Google zero gravity.
  • The Google underwater.
  • Google sphere.
  • Google do a barrel roll.

And so many more. Just follow the same steps listed above to access them. Or you can also access them from the Google gravity page.

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