Using Google Home makes our lives and day-to-day activities a lot easier. Google Home helps us access our media, plan our day and even help manage our tasks through spoken voice commands.

Google Home

These commands reach these services through the Google Home Assistant. With our fast-growing world of technology, one should not be too surprised at this. Imagine the ease that comes with this. Google is really bringing on their strong game. If you are hoping to know more about Google Home, you sure are in the right place.

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About Google Home

This is a line of a smart speaker that was developed by Google under a brand called the Google Nest. The Google Assistant is the company’s virtual assistant. The Google Assistant interacts voice commands from users to this device.

Several third-party services can be integrated into this Home service. This means your media (music, videos, and photos) receiving news updates can all be accessed and controlled by voice. Some products also support Home Automation.

This goes to say that users can control smart home appliances and devices using just voice commands. Wow! Incredible, is it not? Over time, additional features and functionality are available on Google Home through feedbacks and software updates to Google Nest and Google Assistant. An example of this is synchronized playback of music with multiple speakers being set up to Google Home.

Also, another is distinguishing between up to six different person’s voices. This allows for multi-users. This happened as a result of an update in April 2017. Other updates include Bluetooth audio streaming, proactive reminders ahead of scheduled events, the ability to add reminders to calendar appointments and visual responses on mobile devices, and Chrome cast enabled televisions. There are several things the Google Home can do and they include;

  • Providing information for traffic and travel times, local weather forecast, calendar, and schedule, and even flight information.
  • Creating a shopping list and helping you shop for items online.
  • Making hands-free calls.
  • Finding cooking recipes helps.
  • Helping to find a lost phone and remembers films.
  • The setting, asking about and deleting reminders.
  • Rebroadcasting voice messages to Google Home devices.
  • Controlling TVs and speakers.
  • Watching or listening to the media and reading out news.
  • Managing alarms meetings, flights, and timers for cooking, laundry, sleep, and even game time.
  • Giving facts and providing answers on topics like finance, sports, translations, unit conversions, dictionaries, nutrition, and calculators.
  • Controlling smart home devices like cameras, doorbell cameras, thermostats, plugs lights, and more.
  • Playing games and doing other fun things like telling jokes, riddles, or stories.

Google Home Products

In the space of three years, Google has developed a couple of Google Home Products. The very first product got its availability in 2016 and a series of other products came in after. The latest product released was in 2019. These products all come at different prices, varying from $49 to $400. Below is a list of Google Home developed and released over the years.


  • Google Home Smart Speaker. It is a cylindrical speaker that is over 5 and 3 inches in height and diameter respectively. The Google Home Smart Speaker has the ability to stop, start and adjust the volume of the music. It can also disable its microphone using a mute button located at its back. This got to the US on 4th November 2016 but go to the UK on 6th April 2017.
  • Google Home Mini was released on the 19th of October, 2017. As the name clearly states, it is a small pebble-like form of about 4 inches and has the same overall functionality as the Google Home Smart Speaker. An upgrade is available, which is the Google Nest Mini on 22nd October 2019.
  • Google Home Max which was released on 19 October 2017 is a larger version of the Google Home Smart Speakers. It features stereo speakers, audio connectors, and a USB Type-C connector. It also comes with a magnetically attached stand for vertical orientation.

Other Products;

  • Google Home Hub was unveiled on the 9th of October, 2018. It features a 7-inch touchscreen display that can be used to provide visual feedback for queries. This “Home View” feature provides a centralized visual interface for controlling supported smart home appliances and devices and video cameras.
  • This Home Hub does not include cameras for video calls as customers’ privacy concerns were considered. It had its rebranding on 7th May 2019 as the Google Nest Hub.
  • Google Next Hub Max has first announced on the same day the Google Home Hub got its rebranding. The Google Nest Hub Max was eventually released in September 2019. It is an upgraded version of the Google Nest Hub which has a 10-inch display. It also features large speakers with a rear-facing subwoofer and an integrated camera that can be used for face recognition, Google Duo video calls, and security cameras.

These are the current products of Google Home which are now Google Nest.

How to Set Up Google Home

Setting up a Google Home device is not much of a brain-racking process. Knowing How to Set Up Google Home will get up started with your device and let you enjoy its features. Once you have this Home device and you want to set it up, follow through with these easy steps.

  • Firstly, download and run the Google Home application on your phone or tablet.
  • Plug the power cable that came in the device’s box into your Google Home.
  • Then plug the power adaptor into a wall outlet (socket).
  • Set up your device on your phone and tablet using your Google account.

Voila! You can now start talking with your Google Assistant.

How to Delete Google Home Recordings

One thing about this amazing device is that it always listening and making voice recordings. These recordings are automatically uploaded to the Google cloud. The good news is you can always delete these recordings at wish to protect your privacy. Let us take you through the steps on how to delete voice recordings on this device.

  • Go to your Google Account on your phone or tablet.
  • Choose the “Data and Personalization” option from the panel on the left.
  • Tap the “Activity Controls”.
  • Locate the “Voice and Audio Activity” option on the pop-up menu and tap on it.
  • Tap on “Manage Activity” and all your voice commands and recording will be displayed by date.
  • Tap on the three-dot hamburger icon. Then, tap on “Delete”. (This is to delete voice recordings one at a time).
  • To delete all Google voice recordings at once, select the “Delete Activity by” option on the “Manage Activity” menu.
  • Tap on the down arrow under “Delete by date” and then tap on “All Time”.
  • Then locate “Delete” and tap on it.

If you follow these steps through, you would be able to successfully delete your voice recordings on Google Home.

How to Secure Your Google Home

Knowing How to Secure Your Google Home is a protective measure to take. It should not come as a shocker that a smart device like this can be hacked. That is why it is always advisable to take your time to get your settings right.

As long as the device is listening and waiting for your command, it is recording and saving up this information on a server. There is no telling what would happen if someone should get their hands on such information about you. The good news is that your device will be safe from hackers. Read through the following tips.

  • Delete old commands as the device listens to pasts commands.
  • Strengthen your password on the device. You can change it often too.
  • Enable voice recognition for your voice.
  • Turn off “personal results” options.
  • Mind the network you use.
  • Turn off purchasing to avoid others making purchases without your knowledge. Or set a purchase password known only to you.
  • Always check your email notifications to easily cancel unpermitted purchases.
  • Always be careful about what you share so as not to give out too much information.
  • Make sure to turn off microphones especially when it is not in use. Turning off the microphones stops your device from listening.

These tips would go a long way to keep hackers away if you put them to practice. You are sure to secure your device with these tips.

Why did they discontinue Google Home?

Google Home was discontinued because Google decided to rebrand its smart home products under the “Nest” name. Additionally, Google wanted to focus on developing new devices that integrate with its digital assistant, Google Assistant.

The original Google Home was replaced by the Nest Audio, which offers improved sound quality and integration with other Nest devices. The Home Mini was also replaced by the Nest Mini. Google also discontinued the Google Home Max in 2020, citing a limited market for high-end smart speakers. The newer Nest Audio and Nest Mini speakers offer similar functionality at more affordable prices.


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