Google Kids is a customized search engine that is customized to suit children. With Google kids, you can keep your children safe in the online world. The search results are filtered with the Google custom search. Having said these, what is Google? When this question is asked, the most common answer is that Google is a search engine.

Google Kids

Well, Google is more than just a search engine. There are a lot of things that you can use Google for. In fact, the search engine is just a part of Google. Google owns other big platforms like Google duo, YouTube and so many more.

Google Kids

What are Google kids? Well, as I have said before, it is a search engine that is customized for children. You should encourage your kids to use this Kids search engine for their research. You would find content created just for kids. The ranked contents are usually educational contents for parents and educators. This is powered by Google kid.

Google Kids Website

There are many websites that are customized to be good kids’ website. From my personal research, I can boldly tell you that there is no official kids’ website. All the websites are just a customized version of google to suit kids. There is also a plugin on the google chrome web store that helps provide the customized search function.

This is if you do not want to access any site to get a safe search. If you are conscious of the internet safety of your kids, I highly suggest you don’t let them use the google direct search. Some of the websites that are customized for google search are and

Safe search kids is a highly customized search engine that uses google safe search features. This site also adds additional filtering to block all potentially harmful materials. This safe search filtering tool provides children with a way to search, explore, and navigate the internet more safely.

This is all thanks to google and the strictly filtered results using your internet browser. You should know that safe search kids are not directly endorsed by google and the only connection with google is being a third-party with their custom search engine program. is another search engine that is customized. Kiddle is a kid-safe visual search engine in which the results are handpicked and checked by their editors if they are safe for your kids. These results are also filtered by the google safe search algorithm.

On Kiddle, you get kid-oriented content without any fear of getting explicit content. In some cases, if there are some bad words in the search query, the search would be blocked. Without much doubt, Kiddle is the kids’ safe search website you are looking for.

Kidrex Search

Kidrex is a safe and trusted way that your kids can also use to navigate the internet. If you are a big fan of internet security for kids, then you would really love this. Kidrex like Kiddle is a visual search engine that is powered by the google custom search.

This website takes full advantage of the google safe search and maintains its personal database of inappropriate websites, keywords, and search terms. The theme of this site is stylized to suit the kid’s choice. The official site for Kidrex is Kidrex website.

Google Kids Search

The google kids search is a site and the same time a plugin that can be used to customize the results your kids get when making search queries. Sometimes, this is one of the best options when you are not always chanced to supervise your kids.

If you are using a PC, this plugin can be downloaded and installed on your chrome to control your search. You can also visit the site on any device to start performing safe searches.

The Official kids’ search website can be accessed by following this link.


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