If you normally make use of online maps, you should have heard about Google Maps. Google map route happens to be one of the most used online maps around today and will continue to be the best since it possesses so many amazing features compared to other online maps. Google map points you in the direction you wish to go when you are driving, on public transit, walking or even biking.

Google Map Route

Just as the name implies Google Maps is owned by Google which is the most used online research platform in the world. This information should at least let you know that the Google Maps route is the best at giving directions. Most people make use of the platform to find the best route especially when they are in a hurry and want the best and fastest way to get to their destination.

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Google Map Route | Create Google Map Route

Google map route is really helpful. it helps you get to your destination faster, plus it points out all the possible routes for you to get there and highlight the quickest route in blue. The other possible routes are usually in grey colour. Google map works for travelling long distances.

Most people have been making use of the map to cover long distances for a long time now, and you can too. No matter where you are or even when you take a path that does not lead to your destination, Google Maps will make sure you get on the right path.

Some directions in google Maps stand in beta, and may just have limited availability. That does not mean the map is not good enough, it only entails that you need to be cautious of the route you take when making use of Google Maps.

You need to be aware of where you are and you need to be sure of your safety and where you are at all times. You might even need to follow the signs on the road when making use of Google Maps routes.

How to Plan a Route with Google Map

For most people especially business individuals, travelling is inevitable. Most people relocate or travel to new cities every day, and some might even find it hard to get around since they are new to the city and probably have no relative or friend to take them around. If you happen to be one of those people let Google Maps be your guide. Here is how to plan a route with a Google map:

  • First, navigate to the Google map website
  • Click Get Directions
  • Click the icon that best represents your means of transportation (car, public transportation, walking or cycling
  • Enter your location or address in the area label “A”
  • Then enter your destination in the area labelled “b”
  • Click get directions to find a display of suggested routes and the driving directions on the left-hand part of the screen.

With this knowledge, you could hardly get lost in any city in the world.

How to Add Multiple Destinations?

If for any reason you wish to be at multiple destinations, and you do not want to always go back to your phone to re-enter a new location, Google map has a solution for you. To add multiple destinations to your map, follow the process stated below:

  • Open your google map
  • Click “directions”
  • Add a starting point, then a destination
  • Below the destination you entered, click add
  • Select another destination to add a stop
  • To add more destinations, just keep on repeating the process
  • Click on a route to see the directions.

If you wish to change your stops, locate the destination you wish to change, click and drag it to the preferred location you wish to change to.

Google map location

Google Map location refers to the ability of Google Maps to locate and display your current location on the map, as well as to search for and display the location of any place or address you want to find. The Google Maps mobile app uses GPS technology to provide location services for motorists on both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Additionally, Google Maps offers a range of other features such as Street View, 3D Mapping, turn-by-turn directions, indoor maps, and more, which can be accessed across different devices. Some of the things that Google Maps can do for you include providing transportation directions, creating maps, estimating distances and arrival times, and finding your location.

Google map location live

Google Map location live refers to the feature on Google Maps that allows you to share your real-time location with others. With this feature, you can share your location with friends, family, or colleagues for a specific period.

The feature is available on both Android and iOS devices and can be accessed by tapping on your profile picture or initial on the Google Maps app. It is important to note that sharing your location in real-time with others can pose some privacy and security risks, and therefore, it is recommended to only share your location with trusted individuals and to turn off location sharing when you no longer need it.


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