Are you a tourist or just taking a road trip? The Google Map is what you need. It will help you navigate your current location without getting lost no matter what means of transportation you use. You can use this application to know your location and you can also use this map to locate businesses and stores in your area or in whatever location you are currently at.

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Google Map | Google Map Directions

Google Maps is a web mapping service developed by Google so make sure your internet is on when using the map. It offers aerial photography, satellite imagery, street maps, real-time traffic conditions, route planning for travelling by foot, car, air, bicycle, or even public transport and so much more. Use Google Maps to have a great travelling experience and find all the cool places you can visit in between.

How to Download Google Map

Navigate the world easier and faster with the Google maps app on your device. It has over 200 countries and also territories mapped with millions of places and businesses on the maps.  You can download Google maps from your device store. For androids, it is the Google play store while for iOS devices it is the App Store. You can get it in other apps stores online also.

Benefits of Using Google Map | Google Map Directions

Using Google maps on your device comes with a lot of benefits. Here are is a list of advantages you get from using Google maps on your device.

  • It provides you with directions on which transportation method is available as well as the details that come with those methods.
  • If your location is obscure you might have trouble finding a clear diagram that offers accurate directions. So, in this case, you can create your own map.
  • If you click on a particular point on the map. You would be shown how far a place is from your destination and how long it would take to get there.
  • You can mix maps info.
  • Going somewhere you can set and follow a particular route you have in mind.
  • You can quickly and easily find your location.
  • Want to hook up with friends you can share your location with friends.

Features of Google Map

Here are some features of Google maps.

  • Search bar: This feature is self-explanatory. It allows you to get directions, search for transit and bicycle routes.
  • This feature allows you to click a place you have found and get the direction.
  • Your search result will appear on the map. You can click on any result to get information.
  • Street view. You can locate a place of interest on the map and you can see the street view, photos, and more details.
  • Al powered virtual assistance.
  • Print the map you want to use.
  • Drop and explore. You can click on any place once to find all the known details about that spot.
  • Help and feedback. This feature allows you to take a tour of Google maps and supply answers to your questions.

With the features and benefits of Google maps, you will now know why it is preferred by many users around the world.

How to Use Navigations in Google Map App

To get easy, turn by turn navigation to places, Google maps is the best to use. It shows your direction and also uses real-time traffic information to provide you with the best route to your destination. You can start or stop navigation by following the process below;

  • Open the Google maps app.
  • Search for a place or just tap on it on the map
  • Then tap on “Directions” at the bottom.
  • Choose any of the options that would be shown; driving, transit, walking, rides, or cycling.
  • If there are available routes, it would be shown in the grey tab on the map. To follow the alternative route, tap o the grayline.
  • Tap on the arrow up icon to start navigation.
  • To stop or cancel the navigation, head to the bottom left side and tap on the “CLOSE X”.

Traffic info, public transit, and also local places of interest would be displayed.

How do I use Google Maps to find a location?

You can use Google Maps to find a location by following these steps:

  1. Open the Google Maps app on your mobile device or go to on your computer’s web browser.
  2. In the search bar, type in the name or address of the location you want to find.
  3. Press the “Enter” key or tap on the search icon.
  4. The map will zoom in to the location you searched for, and a pin or marker will appear on the map. You can tap on the marker to view more information about the location, such as its address, phone number, website, and reviews.
  5. If you need directions to the location, you can tap on the “Directions” button and enter your starting point. Google Maps will then provide turn-by-turn directions to help you reach your destination.
  6. You can also use the map to explore the surrounding area, such as nearby restaurants, hotels, or attractions. Just zoom in or out on the map or swipe around to see different parts of the area.

That’s it! With Google Maps, you can easily find locations and get directions to your destination.


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