Google Marketing Platform – Google Marketing Platform Tools


Google Marketing Platform 

The Google Marketing Platform, work together with the Google Analytics 360 suite and DoubleClick Digital Marketing in order to help you in planning, buying and having a measure of digital media. And it also helps in giving you the best user’s experience. This feature helps you deliver and give out more valuable and efficient marketing services while making sure that you make your customers’ privacy your number one priority and aloe them full control over their data.

Google Marketing Platform - Google Marketing Platform Tools

In our previous research of worldwide market organizations, we have come to know that the first priority for marketers is the better understanding of their customers. This is possible by giving out tools to help make it easy to come together and share insights, Google Marketing Platforms help you achieve this customer-first approach to marketing.

This marketing platform builds their standard on the relationship between the Google Analytics 360 suite and DoubleClick Digital/advertising Products. A lot of marketers have yielded great and amazing results from using this analytics and ads together. Introducing these features into the marketing platform creates a chance for faster and smarter marketing and provides better results.

Helpful Tools on the Google Marketing Platforms

  1. Google My Business

All you need to do in this aspect is to make a claim of your Google My Business listing and your business gets advertised in the search results. Have this in mind that as you work with Google through the creating of your listing, you will have to create and set up a Google+ page for your business.

  1. Google+ Business Page

If you are engaged in a local business, creating and maintaining a Google+ page works in line with Google My Business listing. Considering the Google M Business listing includes a link to the Google+ Business page. It is important and relevant you take your time to make the best out of your pages.

  1. Google Docs, Slides, Sheets and Forms

Do you want to come together with other marketers on a project? “Google Suite” is a list of collaboration tools you can make use of on your desktop. They are:

  • Google Slides: this feature is used for presentations
  • The Google Docs: this is used as a word document
  • Google Forms: for a simple and easy collection of survey responses
  • And also Google Sheets: used for excel spreadsheet.


  1. Google Trends

Google Trends is absolutely an amazing business tool for helping you make fast and smart choices of specific keywords. Do you want to decide between blog post titles? You can carry out this comparison using Google Trends to see which blog post is being searched all the time. Google Trends also helps you get to know the latest news, trending topics, and contents.

  1. Google Alerts

This feature lets you monitor the web for listing of keywords that trend on the internet. You will get email alerts whenever these keywords have been mentioned and searched for online.

These are a list of marketing tools that help you Google Marketing Platform a success.

  1. Google AdWords

if you want your efforts to be at the top then you have to make use of the Google AdWords. You have to create ads that have specific keywords related to the kind of business you do.

Note: you will be charged when visitors click and view your ads.



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