Google May 2020 Core Algorithm Update – Sites Affected By The Google May 2020 Core Algorithm Update


The giant of search engines, Google, has recently announced that its core algorithm update is rolling out, starting from the 4th of May, 2020. This Google May 2020 Core Algorithm Update will be the second core update Google has had since the beginning of the year.

Google May 2020 Core Algorithm Update

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Google May 2020 Core Algorithm Update

The core update was officially named the “May 2020 Core Update” by Google itself. This core update has been trending on the internet. This is after Google took to twitter to post this announcement on its official page with the handle, “Google SearchLiaison”. Because of the impact of this Google May 2020 Core Algorithm Update, bloggers and SEO content creators have been on the lookout for the effects and the possible routines of this Google May 2020 Core Algorithm Update.

Google Core Update

The Google Core update is significant and broad modifications Google makes on the core search ranking algorithm and system. This is done in a bid to serve its users (searchers) with better and quality content on their search results. Google makes changes to its algorithm each day. Some may be noticeable and others may not but core updates like this Google May 2020 Core Algorithm Update gets attention because people notice the resultant effect and/ or changes on the search results.

As earlier mentioned, this Update is the second of its kind in this year 2020. The very first core algorithm update in this year was in January. The update was also announced and it started rolling out on the 13th of January, 2020. This May 2020 Core Update started rolling out since on the 4th of May. And it is said to take only a couple of days: about two weeks.

Google Algorithm Update

‘Algorithm’ is the set of rules or processes used in solving operations problems especially by a computer system. Therefore, the core algorithm update we have been talking about refers to the process the Google search engine system follows in searching out, evaluating, and displaying contents on the search engine result pages. This algorithm also determines the ranking of sites in the result pages.

Knowing that the Google algorithm is the routine that the company follows in picking out and ranking contents on its search index before displaying it on its engine result pages. Google never gives out the routines. This is concealed from the knowledge of bloggers. And content creators so as to avoid manipulations of their sites and content by fixing it into ranking high on the Google search result pages.

Purpose of Core Algorithm Update

The main purpose why Google search engine embarks on core algorithm updates is to provide its users with relevant content. This comes about after the system surveys the activities of the searchers. Also, the query or keywords they search for and how relevant the contents being displayed to them is to the query entered. The update process would make bloggers and SEO contents creators focus more on quality content.

Sites Affected By The Google May 2020 Core Algorithm Update

It is of a fact that most sites would be affected by the core algorithm update by Google. The effect may be positive or negative. It may be positive in the light that some sites whose contents do not rank well before. They would skyrocket in ranking on the search engine result page. It may be negative in the light that some site contents may experience drops in the ranking due to this update.

If your site’s contents dropped in ranking, there is no need to panic yet. Check if your contents are valid and relevant. And you have found nothing wrong with the contents, you may rank better even before the update rolls out.

Also check the ranking on all the contents on the site and see the one that really dropped in ranking. By doing this, you would be able to compare these contents to each other. In comparison, get may get the possible idea of what the Google core algorithm updates focuses on when surfing through contents. This would help you as a blogger or a content creator, to correct your errors and guide you in publishing quality contents according to the Google May 2020 Core Algorithm Update.

Having done this, with more work and pushing on your site and contents. You are sure to rank better again on the Google May 2020 Core Algorithm Update.

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