Google May 2020 Core Update Impacted Site


The impact of the recent Google core update in May has been a very big one yet. The Google May 2020 Core Update Impacted Site refers to the sites that have been affected by the Google May 2020 Core Update. Other core updates, though had huge impacts, did not quite affect sites as this May 2020 Core Update has.

Google May 2020 Core Update Impacted Site

Google May 2020 Core Update Impacted Site

Complaints from most webmasters, bloggers, SEOs, and site owners have been seen all over the web. This is because the impact of the update on the sites is mostly negative. Most sites and contents that have been doing well on the Google search engine result pages, in terms of ranking, have been experiencing a drop in their ranks.

However, Google has a series of guidelines for webmasters to follow in other to recover from the update rolled out. If after going through with the guidance which Google has provided and your content and sites have the Google E-A-T potential, then relax. Your content and site would rank high again after the update has rolled out completely if not before.

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Google May 2020 Core Update

The Google May 2020 Core Update is the official name Google has given to the second core update for the year 2020 which commenced on May 4th, 2020. This core update was first announced by Google on the official twitter account page. The reason for core updates is to serve all the Google searchers with better relevant and useful results to queries entered.

Other complaints from webmasters, SEOs, bloggers, and site owners on the May 2020 Core Update is the timing for the Update. Some have even gone as far as renaming the core update to “Pandemic Update”, “Corona Update”. Yes, some persons can be so extra.

E-A-T Google

The E-A-T potential was earlier mentioned in this article. E-A-T is a concept of Google that was first published in 2014. This E-A-T is a guideline for quality content on Google search. The raters on Google use this guideline in ranking contents and sites on the Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

E-A-T means Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. The guidelines are used during search quality evaluations on Google. For these evaluations, Google hires thousands of quality reviewers who are tasked with manually reviewing sets of webpages and giving feedback on the quality of the pages to Google. The feedback from the raters are “benchmarked” and later used by Google to update their algorithm.

For some time now, E-A-T has become a major topic amongst SEOs and webmasters. It relates to the organic traffic performance changes due to Google core algorithm updates. However, the E-A-T is not the Google algorithm, it is only a tiny part of the whole and it is not a direct ranking factor. This is because Google has more than two hundred (200) ranking factors.

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Site Impacted By Google May 2020 Core Update

The Google May 2020 Core Update is sure to have an impact on every content and site across the Google search database. This core update would cause a fluctuation in the rankings of sites and contents on result pages. The impacts of the core update may be positive or negative. The positive impacts relate to the high ranking of one’s site son the Google search engine result pages. And the negative impacts mean a drop in the ranking of contents and sites on the search engine result pages.

If your content or sites were impacted negatively by the update, there is no need to panic just yet. Also, if you are sure of your contents being of quality. You could wait for the update to finish rolling out, and gradually, it would rank high again. If not, you could check all the contents on the sites that were negatively impacted and see the similarities in them, this could be their defaults.

Concentrate on updating your contents and sites, edit them till they somewhat meet the E-A-T standard. Takedown incorrect, irrelevant, and prohibited contents off your sites. Bu doing this, you might just be a step to upping your game on the Google search engine result pages.

Another way to recover from the drop experienced during or after a core update is to follow the webmaster’s guidance provided by Google itself. The guidance has a couple of questions that could serve as guidelines for producing quality content that would not fall short during another update.

The specific algorithm routine is not revealed to the public. This is all in the bid to avoid manipulations by content creators, SEOs, webmasters, bloggers, and website owners. These manipulations could get poor quality content to rank very high on the search engine result page. Thereby serving the Google searchers with less satisfying results to their query.

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