Speaking of Google Play Pass Movies, Watching movies is part of our everyday life. People have been looking for smart and better, more sophisticated ways to watch movies online. Indeed some people in the field of technology and science have done their bit in making it happen.

From a good home TV set to quality cinemas, they have given us some amazing moments in the world of movies. Some have even produced good apps like Netflix, YouTube, and others. Others have to pay for cables to get access to movies, TV shows, sports, and Entertainment. All of these do come at a subscription fee.  Well in this article we will be talking about how to access movies and shows on your phone with your google play account.

Google Play Pass Movies

Google Play Pass Movies

What is Google play pass? The Google play pass is an app launched by a team of developers at Google. The Google play pass gives you access to hundreds of apps and games with top-notch and amazing quality.

If you are the type that has been looking for ways to enjoy good games on your mobile phones and tablets, then this platform is specially built for you. It also gives you a chance to access apps of almost all kinds. Apps on books, music and audios, video apps, pictures and cameras, trackers, and GPS are all available on the Google play pass.

The Google play pass is a subscription package that gives you full access once you have subscribed to it. For first-time users, it gives a 30-days free trial so you get a taste of what it looks like. As far as fans are concerned, they have asked if the Google play pass also comes with movie packages.

The answer to that is NO as the Google play pass is basically for games and apps. However, there is a package available on the Google play store that allows users to watch and enjoy their favorite movies and TV shows. This is the Google Play Movies & TV. That is it for Google Play Pass Movies.

Google Play Movies & TV

The Google Play Movies and TV was launched in May 2011. It supports the downloading of videos and movies for offline viewing. It is a platform that makes movies available for rental or purchasing. It is not entirely a free package.

Users on their tablets and android enabled mobile phones can watch the movie content on Google play movies and TV mobile apps. Once the app has been purchased, any user can make use of any supported cable wire to connect the movies from their mobile phones or laptops to their home Television set for the whole family to have movie time.

Apart from having to just access these movies and TV shows, you can do it in style. Google has made sure these movies and TV shows are available in HD (High Definition) 4K Ultra HD (High Definition) so you can make a choice of which to use.

Getting a Movie or TV Show on Google Play

Now that you know that you can actually watch any movies and TV shows of your choice, the next step is on how to get these movies to watch.

Step 1: Open the Play Movies and TV app on your android enabled phone or tablet.

Step 2: Once it is open, click on the Search tab and type in the name or title of the movie of the show you would like to watch.

Step 3: When the movie or show pops up, tap on it. It will then show the price to buy or rent for that particular movie and show when the rent will also expire.

Step 3: If you feel you don’t have the resources to afford the movie or show at that particular time you can save it to your watchlist for later. Your watchlist is what keeps track of the things you want to get in the future.

That is how to get movies on Google Play Movies and TV.

Downloading movies or TV Shows from Google Play

One of the features of the Google play movies and TV app is that it gives you the chance to download movies to your device for offline use. That’s one good advantage it has.

  • First, you will need to have an internet connection on your phones or tablets.
  • Open the Google Play Movies and TV Show app.
  • Once it is open, tap on the library option and look for the TV show and episode or movie you want to download.
  • When it comes up, tap on the download option and it will start downloading.

Cancellation or removal of the movies can be done by tapping the download option again.

Cost of Getting Movies from Google Play

The prices for purchasing or renting a movie or TV show is not that expensive considering the fact that everything we do today has a price for it. People these days now need to subscribe to almost every platform to get access to whatever they want.

By now we are almost used to it. The price for a movie depends on whether you are renting it or buying it. It also depends largely on the quality you want, if it is a standard definition or a high definition.

Availability of the Google Play Movies and TV Show App

If you have been looking for the Google play movies and TV app on your phone and have not seen it, it is probably because it has not been made available in your country. The apps have had some hiccups because some fans who want to access them have been not been able because of a lack of availability.

Since January 2017 up to this moment, it has been made available by Google in over 110 countries for only movies alone. While that of TV shows is present in over 5 countries including Switzerland, France, Australia, Japan, Canada, the United States, Austria, and the United Kingdom.


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