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What is the Google play store? The Google play store in this generation is almost like a household name. I don’t think there is any computer literate who does not know about this platform. But one thing that has always been sure over the years is that no matter how popular a thing is, there are some places it hasn’t gotten to.

Google Play Store

And in this situation, with the popularity of this platform, there are still those who haven’t heard about it or made use of it. There are those on the other hand who have heard of this platform but have no idea as to what it is issued for because they haven’t gotten a reason to.


Google Play Store

In this article, I will be educating you on everything you need to know about the Google play store. This article promises o to be an interesting one, therefore you shouldn’t miss it for any possible reason. To therefore take us further in this article, here is a definition of the platform.

The Google play store is a digital media store. This digital media store is one of the most used and popular in the world currently. Formerly known as the android market, this very digital media store is operated and developed by Google. This is the official app store for android operating systems. This very app store allows users to browse through and download tons of applications developed with the android software development kit and also published via Google.

This media store offers music, movies, TV series, and books and not just applications alone. This platform was used to offer hardware devices by Google for purchase before the introduction of a separate online hardware retailer called the Google store. Also, it used to offer magazines and online publications before the rebranding and revamp of the Google news platform back in 2018.

As of 2016, this store has had over 80 billion app downloads, and also it has reached over 3 million apps published in 2017. The applications available on this digital store are offered free of charge or at a price depending on the app developer. These apps can be downloaded directly to your android device via the play store mobile app or by launching the app on a device via the Google play website. Google Play is made up of a host of other Google services and they are;

  • Google play games.
  • The Google playbooks.
  • Google play movies and TV.
  • Google play music.

These are other services and Google products that can be found and accessed via the Google play store. And just in case I forget, for educational purposes, it is right that you know that this app and platform was developed and launched on March 6th, 2012.

How To Access The Google Play Store App | Download Google Play Store App for Android

The Google play store comes pre-installed on most android devices if not all. Therefore you don’t have to worry about finding or locating this app on your android device. But just in case you are having problems locating this app on your android device. Go to the Apps section of your android device. Locate the app and tap on it. This will cause the app to open thereby allowing you to browse, search, and download its contents.

I Can’t Find The Google Play Store App

There are times you may be having issues with the Google play store app. If you ever find yourself in any situation of the sort. You have nothing to worry about as it is absolutely normal. If you are having issues finding the app on your apps list, you will have to confirm you are using an android supported device or Chromebook device here. It also might be that your settings have been set to hide the app. Therefore you will need to re-enable it. To re-enable the app, go here. Lastly, you will just have to turn off your device, then on again.

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