Google quick draw is an online google game that challenges players to draw a picture of an object or an idea. The drawing is later guessed by a neutral network artificial intelligence. This platform is to get both young and adult or grown-up individuals more engaged on Google as they will be learning thereby increasing their artificial intelligence. Google quick draw is a web browser game with a guessing genre. The game according to google is a game built with a machine learning software. Normally it is not all the things you draw that will get recognized by the game. As the game is also a learner itself. The more you play the more intelligent the game gets.

Google Quick Draw - How to Access and Use Google Quick Draw

Google quick draw is built by a number of recognized people. These people include Jonas Jongejan, Henry Rowley, Takashi Kawashima, Jongmin Kim, and Nick Fox Gieg along with other friends at the Google creative lab and data arts team. This google platform is a simple experiment done with Google by the AI experiments. This experiment is to make it easier for anyone to start exploring machine learning through drawings, language, music, pictures and so much more

Benefits of Google Quick Draw

Google quick draw, unlike other Google platforms, does not require a Google account for you to access and use it. This alone is one of the most recognized benefits by the general public. For this factor, both old and young, even kindergarten can access and use the google quick draw platform. Google quick draw also helps increase its user’s artificial intelligence in reason that you are given a twenty seconds timer to draw and make the game recognize what you are drawing.

How to Access and Use Google Quick Draw

Like I said earlier. You do not need a google account for you to start using the google quick draw platform. If we do not need a google account, this leaves us left with only one thing, which is an internet connection. Once you have an internet connection, visit the google quick draw official website at The URL is the direct webpage for this platform or game as you would best see it. Once you have successfully visited the web page, simply click on the lets draw button to start immediately. You will be told what to draw and you will have to draw it fast. So that the neutral artificial intelligence network recognizes it within twenty seconds. That is it. Afterward, you will be shown a summary of what you have drawn.


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