Google Roll Out May Update – How To Recover From A Google Core Update Quickly


Are you aware of the Google latest update? Are you a webmaster, blogger, site owner, SEOs, or content creators and have been noticing a fluctuation in your site or contents? No need to panic just yet. This is because Google Roll Out May Update. So when we hear Google Roll Out May Update, we should immediately think about the core update Google released in May, 2020.

Google May 2020 Core Update Impacted Site


Google Roll Out May Update

On the 4th of May, 2020, Google Roll Out May Update. This update was firstly tweeted on the Google official twitter page to announce its rollout. The rollout eventually commenced a few hours after the announcement was made and it has been speculated to last for about two weeks as other core updates before it.

This update which Google rolled out in May is the second update that has been released so far for the year 2020. The first update for that year was on January 13th, 2020. This means that the May update is about four (4) months apart from the January core update. The core updates are very few but at least one in a year.

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What are Google Updates

Google core updates are tweaks, adjustments, or downright alterations made to the algorithm. The algorithm of the Google search engine is process or programing the search engine follows to search out the most fit. Also, the best possible results to queries or keywords entered by its users.

The results are then displayed, on what is referred to as the search engine result page (SERP), in priorities of most fit on the algorithm. The order in which they are displayed is the ranking. This means sites and contents showing on the first page of the Google result page rank higher than those on the second page.

Altering or changing the algorithm of the search engine would inevitably affect the results on the search engine result pages and obviously affect the ranking of sites and contents. What everyone should know is that Google updates are not targeted at any site or content in particular. It is a process that cuts across all the contents and sites that are available on its database.

However, Google said it makes changes to its algorithm at least once in a day and several times in a year. The changes made may be noticed but most of the time they are not. Core updates are the once that are very significant

Google Core Algorithm Update

The Google Core Algorithm Update is a big change to the algorithm of the Google search engine. Mere updates and changes could be tweaks changing a small part of the algorithm but a core update is very significant. This is making a huge adjustment to the main algorithm process. This update drastically changes the course of actions of the search engine and thereby affects the search engine result pages greatly.

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Core updates do not happen in one day. It day about a couple of days to roll out and this May update is no different. It takes time for the new alteration to settle in as Google would be on the lookout for how the update would turn out and still make more adjustments to it if need be.

Google Update Traffic Drop

An update to Google in turns causes a drop in traffic to several contents. And sites that have been ranking high on the search engine result pages. So far, after the May 2020 Core Update rolled out. There has been a massive drop in several contents and sites. Before or after the update eventually rolls out. Sites whose contents are still relevant and useful would start to pick back up.

However, most of the site and contents that would still suffer are those which the newly updated algorithm has deemed less useful. This is why Google brought out guidance that contains guidelines for webmasters. This would help them focus on offering better quality content and also steps to take to recover from drop experienced by the content or site.


After Google Roll Out May Update. Webmaster, site owners, and content creators should not lean back and relaxed just yet as there is still more work to do. This work entails regular updating of your contents and sites; proper presentation of your sites and contents; offering relevant and useful information on your contents and site; avoiding manipulations of your contents. And sites in to increasing your rank on the Google search engine result pages and gaining more visitors to your sites. This is because there would definitely be another core updates to come from Google.

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