Every day, every minute, and literally every second, the internet is being searched and queries are being entered into search engines in the hope of relevant results for one reason or the other. The Google Search Engine carries these search activities more as it is the most used search engine in the world.

The use of Google has gradually become a vital part of our lives. We all tend to ask Google for things we do not know or are not sure of, or things we want to learn. It is now very common to get replies from people like, ‘Ask Google’. In several opinions, Google knows it all.

Google Search Engine

A search engine is a program system that carries out searches on the World Wide Web in a particular method or systematically, looking for sites and contents on the net to match a specific information query or keyword entered. After the search is complete, the results of what was found would be displayed on what is known as the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

related. Google is mainly a search engine site that was launched in 1997. The Google Search Engine which is commonly known as just Google is referred to as the Giant of Search Engines. This is because, when compared to other search engines, it provides better services, is frequently and commonly used, has a wider range of result options, is fast, and is more efficient.

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The Google search engine is a web search engine created by Google and earlier mentioned is the most used search engine on the web today handling over 5.4 billion searches every day.

The Google Search Engine also provides a customized search. This is done by using symbols to exclude and include, specify, or require certain search behaviors and also offers Google Search Engine is kind of a complex but very fast system.

The sites and contents displayed on the search engine result page are arranged or ranked in priority. Those on the first few pages are deemed to be more relevant to the query entered and are therefore ranked higher than others on the result pages.

It is a known fact that Google is an American multinational technology and it specializes in products and services that are internet-specialized interactive experiences such as flight status and package tracking, weather forecasts, currency, unit and time conversions, word definitions, and more.

Google Search Engine URL

The Google Search Engine also called Google, like every other site, has a URL through which one can access the site. In simpler words, the Google Search Engine URL is the web address of the search engine. The web address of the search engine for Google is “google.com”.

Typing this address into your browser would automatically take you to the home page of the Google Search Engine. The home page of the Google Search Engine is has been altered several times and so has the system itself.

Google allows its users to also customize their home page to their various tastes difference. It can be customized in terms of background color, background pictures, themes, and shortcuts displayed on the home page. One can also set the Google search to the default search page on their browser.

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Google Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the process of utilizing tactics and strategies to maximize the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the number of visitors to the site. This, in turn, helps the sites to rank high on the search engine result page.

There are ways to optimize the Google Search Engine. Mind you, the Google Search Engine looks for very relevant and substantial sites and content. To optimize Google Search Engine, you have to;

  • Build a solid site structure. Make sure your site is overall user-friendly.
  • Do thorough keyword research. Do not just write content on any words or keywords you come across. Search well and make a list of the keywords you want to write on. After listing them out, pick the ones that are related to your sites and write on them.
  • Write quality content that emphasizes the keywords. Make sure the content written is relevant, useful to the readers, and longer than five hundred (500) words. Do not force your keywords all over your content as this would not be good for the content.
  • Be careful of the links you add to your content when you publish them on your site. Both the internal and external links in the content on your site have an impact on your search engine optimization.
  • On-page optimization should also be a focus too.

Using these tips, you will be able to optimize the Google Search Engine for your site.

Google Search Engine Update

Google Search Engine update refers to the alteration(s) made to the search engine to change or update the process it follows when searching for results in response to queries entered. The results are then displayed on the search engine result page and ranked in accordance with the algorithm of the search engine.

This update is now an everyday affair for Google. Google made this announcement that several changes are being made yearly to the algorithm and the changes are at least one per day. Some of the changes are significant while others are insignificant. The insignificant changes made may be noticed or not on the result pages.

These changes are done daily. The significant changes are the changes Google refers to as Core Updates. These core updates are very few in a year. They are mostly done months apart from each other.

The purpose of the Google changes and core updates is for the Search Engine to serve its users better results. Another aim for these changes is for webmasters, site owners, bloggers, and SEO content creators to be more focused on the content and sites they offer. Updates on the search engine are like a wake-up call for old, outdated, and/ or irrelevant content.

Latest Google Search Engine Update

The latest update is a core update that happened in May 2020. Before Google rolled out the update, an announcement was made on their Twitter page. The update was scheduled to begin on the 4th of May, 2020.

The Google May core update is the second update of the year. The first update was in January and it commenced on the 13th of that month. However, it is public opinion that this core update is the biggest and broadest core update by Google yet.


Although the Google Search Engine is a very powerful tool, the internet is a very broad place. It may be sometimes a bit difficult to get the exact results for what you are looking for, hence the updates by Google. This is all to serve you better.

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