Google Spreadsheet

It is a web-based application that helps your format and creates spreadsheet work with people. Google spreadsheet like all other Google services uses an auto-sync feature to save an update your files. It does not matter the device you are using as long as you are signed in to your google account.

Google Spreadsheet - How to Create a Google Spreadsheet

You have to know that Google has been in existence since 2006 along with Google Docs suite, now if you know the use of a spreadsheet you would know what google spreadsheet is all about, including its functions.

Getting started on google spreadsheet is very easy, but like I always say you must have a google account to continue, follow the next step of procedures for how to create a new google account, but if you already have a google account which you remember the login details, then you can skip this process.

How to Create a Google Account

  1. Connect your device to a secure data connection.
  2. Next, locate the internet browser on your device and launch it.
  3. After the browser is fully loaded navigate to
  4. On this page locate the create an account icon and hit it.
  5. You will be asked to fill a form on this page, fill the form with the information you want Google to recognize you as.
  6. Click the next button at the bottom of the page.
  7. Now on this page Input your mobile number in the required field.
  8. Be patient and wait to receive a confirmation code from Google, when you get the code copy and paste it in the specified area on the webpage.
  9. Now click create my account.

Your Gmail account is now ready for use, now to access google spreadsheet, follow the steps below

How to Access and Create a Google Spreadsheet

  1. Locate your mobile browser and launch.
  2. After the browser is fully loaded navigate to
  3. If you haven’t logged in before you will be asked to log in, to log in just fill in your google account sign-in credentials and log in.
  4. You are now on google spreadsheet to create a spreadsheet is very easy, continue to create a spreadsheet on ‘google spreadsheet’.
  5. On the google, spreadsheet homepage hit the plus square.
  6. Now you have to edit your spreadsheet font, color, format and even ad formulas to your taste.
  7. After you are through, you can share your files with your co-workers or friends.


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