Google student veteran of America scholarship 2021 is providing quality assistant to student veterans with the opportunity to in us. The organization is rendering help to student veterans to study a university degree in the field of computer science.

Google Student Veteran Of America Scholarship 2021

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Are you a young school leaver who is looking for an opportunity to study and get a university degree? Do you ever wish to study in the United States? Or you have been looking for an opportunity to have a degree in computer science? Then, grab this opportunity and seek application now into the Google scholarship program for veterans’ student.

Google Student Veteran Of America Scholarship 2021

A veteran is defined as a person who served and retired from the services of any armed force in any federation. Such a person is not discharged or relieved of duty during service time.

This implies that any individual that completes service for any branch of armed force is classified as a veteran. Also, the individual must be discharged honorably.

Google has committed a scholarship toward military veterans. The company has sought a partnership with the military to provide scholarships. The scholarship which will enable the student veteran to study computer science at United States University is proudly sponsored by Google.

Google Student Veteran Of America Scholarship 2021 Evens And Program

The organization which is popularly known as the Google SVA Scholarship has a lot of events and programs for new applicants and old students. Some of their major events are; national conference, Washington week, regional summits, and leadership institution.

National Conference: This is the largest gathering of veteran students of the organization every year. Every year the organization organizes a conference to inspire and motivate the veteran students.

Inspiring speakers, leading employers, professionals of higher education, and government agencies all over the world to speak and encourage the students.

Washington Week:  the Washington week is usually carried out in the month of March. In this vent called Washington, the week is when the policy and advocacy priorities are formally published through a series of events in the whole of Capitol Hill. The Washington week also have a component like;

  • Higher education symposium: in this very component SVA is committed to student veterans taking the lead for post-traditional students.
  • Joint House and Senate testimony: The American veteran student are equally invited to deliver their testimonies in the presence of the senate veteran affairs committee. AND
  • Legislative liaison fellowship: This is the component that accesses the new applicant proposal. The proposal of these applicants must include how a fellowship candidate to plan to address the issue through federal policy solutions and advocacy based on community.

Vision And Mission Of Google Student Veteran Of America Scholarship 2021

The organization promotes and elevates veteran students in the academic, professional, and personal development of veterans in higher education. The organization promotes this through its numerous programs and events.

With the mission of the SVA being focused on empowering student veterans, the organization set up a different strategy to achieve this.

The first-hand mission of the organization is to act as a propeller for student veterans. This they do by providing network support and resources. they also vision the empowering student veteran to lead and live a legacy life.

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Eligibility for the Google Student Veteran Of America Scholarship 2021 Application

For aspiring candidates who which to apply, there are certain criteria they must meet up with.

These eligibility criteria to apply are;

  • Must apply as an undergraduate program or postgraduate student at the university for the 2020/2021 academic section
  • Must maintain a quality academic performance
  • Must be aspiring for a course in computer science
  • Must be a current student
  • Must be a veteran
  • Applicant must submit a letter of reference from professor, adviser, or supervisor
  • Must respond to the essay question
  • Copy of university transcript

These are the major but not all criteria for application. The complete list can be found at

How To Apply For SVA Fellowship 2021

To apply for the fellowship of the program that is powered by Google follow these steps;

  • Navigate to
  • Agree to the terms of the agreement.
  • Click on the next arrow button.
  • Select your age and click on the next arrow button.
  • A form will display on the next page.
  • Enter your name (First and last name respectively).
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • Provide your email address.
  • Select your email type and click on the next arrow button.
  • Enter the name of the school you are currently attending.
  • Provide the name of your chapter.
  • Enter your current role in your chapter.
  • Tap on the next arrow button.
  • Now enter your primary major of a field of study, your class rank, the type of degree you are currently earning, your expected year of graduation, and your cumulative GPA then tap on the next arrow.
  • Select the option that best describes your military status.
  • Complete the rest of the form that will be displayed to you bits by bits and upload your documents when required.

To upload your letter of recommendation click on this link  The letter is part of your application. For more information about the application visit


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