Have you heard of the Google takeout product? I bet you haven’t. Well, this Google product has been around for quite some time now. And if you haven’t heard of this product, I won’t be all that surprised.

On the other hand, if you are a user of one or a variety of Google’s products and services, then you should know about this very product. Of course, we all know the popular Google slogan ‘one Google account for all Google products.

Do you know of any other Google product that can seamlessly link across all other Google products and services? If you don’t know, this is more reason why you should read this content.

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Google Takeout

In most languages, the Google takeout tool or product can also be referred to as Google takeaway. This is a project run by the Google data liberation front. This program and product allow Google product and service users to export their data on any of the platforms to a downloadable data archive.

Well, this tool will allow users to download their data on any of the Google products and services they are using. This product and service were created on the 28th of June 2011.

Since the creation of this tool, it has continued to expand its operations and this is partly due to demand from its users. The service only started out with Google products such as Google contacts, buzz, Picasa albums, Google streams, and profiles.

And on the next month on July 15th, 2011, Google +1’s was added to the list of products and then in the coming months and years, other products and services were added.

Earlier when the product was created, it received a lot of criticism from users and critics all over the world. It was stated that the platform did not allow users on the platform to export data from the core services of Google such as search history, wallet, email, and other core products by Google.

But ever since its inception, it has expanded to a point where core Google products have been integrated. The famous Google Hangout platform has been added to the list of products on this service. Here is also something you should know about this tool.

Exported data from the platforms where you can use this service are not deleted automatically. There is a separate service that will help users with deletion if they choose to do it.

Google Products That Support Google Takeout

Most products and services offered by Google support the services of Google takeout. However, for more information purposes, I will be making a list of some of the Google products and services that support or whose data can be exported using this service. The products and services that their data can be exported using Google Takeout are as follows;

  • Google sync bookmarks.
  • Google +1s, circles, pages, streams, and posts.
  • Also Google Fit.
  • Google Drive files.
  • Google calendar appointments.
  • The Google News.
  • Google photos.
  • Google Play console.
  • The Google Play movies.
  • Google Play music.
  • Google Play games.
  • The Google Play books metadata and notes.
  • Google groups.
  • Google hangouts.
  • The Google Hangouts on air.
  • Google keep.
  • Google tasks.
  • The Google location history.
  • Gmail data.
  • Google Maps, my maps, saved places, and reviews.
  • The Google profile.
  • Android device configuration service.
  • Google Home app.
  • Input tools.
  • Classic sites.
  • Google voice billing history, greetings, and voicemail recordings.
  • Google wallet.
  • YouTube videos, subscriptions, chats, comments, history, playlists, and live chat messages.
  • Google Play.
  • Search contributions.
  • Shopping lists.
  • Data shared for research.
  • Textcybe.
  • Bookmarks.
  • Google Home.
  • Hands-free.
  • Street view.

These are the Google products and services whose data can be exported using the Google takeout service. Normally when you visit Google takeout’s webpage; you will be presented with a list of Google products and services that you can use with this service.

How To Export Your Data Using Google Exports

Exporting your data making use of this tool is actually very easy. First, you will need to have made use of at least a Google product and you also need to have a registered Google account. Once these things are in place, then you can start making use of the service. First, you will need to go to the Google Takeout page here.

  • On this page, you will find all the products you can use with this service.
  • Uncheck the box next to a product you don’t want to export its data.
  • After that, click on the next step button.
  • Next, you will have to customize your archive format such as your delivery format. Delivery format, includes, sending the download link via email, adding to drive, adding to Dropbox, adding to box, and adding to Microsoft OneDrive.
  • After selecting a delivery method, you will now need to select an export type such as one-time or scheduled exports.
  • Lastly, select the type of file you want your data to be presented such as zip files and Tgz files.

That’s it. The next step in the whole process involves you getting your hands on your Google data archive. The whole process may take from a few minutes to a few days depending on the amount of information in your account. You will be emailed a link to your data location for download.


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