Have you heard of the Google task list before? Do you want to make an easy task list that you can keep good track of? Well if you wish to have a good list that won’t get missing or confusing then you should try the Google Task List. With this feature or service rather you are going to have a great task list that will neither be lost nor confusing. I am going to explain more about this service so if you will like to get more information you might as well continue to read.

Google Task List - Google Tasks | Google Tasks App

Google Task List

Now the Google Task is a free online service that is offered to Gmail users or Google users, which helps manages to-do lists and is accessed through the Google account. This service keeps track of tasks and subtasks, making it enough to cover most needs. Now I want to use this opportunity to explain what the Google task is so that you will be able to get knowledge about it and how it also works.

What is Google Tasks

The “Google tasks” is a place where users can make lists of items, materials, or tasks that they need to do. And also cross them out when they are done. Now you can also create multiple lists, so there is a list for a grocery store, also one for the hardware store, and a list of tasks that need to be done before you start a remodeling project. Also, the Google tasks work alongside Google calendar, so tasks you create for the remodeling project, for a sample you can have due dates.

Why would you want Google Tasks?

Now managing paper notes is a tried and true to-do method. But a magnetic grocery list stuck to the refrigerator isn’t efficient and also sticky notes can litter a desk. The Google task is an all-in-one list maker and task organizer. Also if you use Google products like Gmail or Google calendar, you have access to it. Google is known for making solid no thrills products that are very simplified and easy to use.

Google Tasks App

Now if you want to make use of the Google task service very easily and simply. You must download or install the Google task app. to install or download the Google task app:

  • Go to your app store.
  • After that search the Google app in the search bar.
  • Now after you have seen the app then click or tap on “install” or “get”.
  • Then install it on your device.

This is how you can get or download the Google task app.

How to Open Google Tasks in Gmail

I will show you how you can easily open the Google tasks in your Gmail account. Here are the steps below:

  • Go to the Gmail website https://mail.google.com, and also sign in to your Gmail account if prompted.
  • Now in the side panel on the right, select “Tasks”.
  • After that in the expanded panel, select “Add a Task” to create a new task. To edit the task details, add subtasks, or assign a date to a task you can hover the task and also select “Edit”.

This is how you can open Google tasks in Gmail.


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