Google Tasks Android simply refers to the use of this service right on your Android smartphone. These task lists are accessible through several different devices, which also include mobile devices. And with this, you should get to know how you can access and make use of it through your Android smartphone.

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Google Tasks Android

To make use of Google Tasks Android, you simply have to download the app to your device. Get more done with the app installed on your phone. Manage, capture, and edit your to-do lists anytime and anywhere that you are. What else? It also syncs across several different devices. This app on your Android phone also integrates with Google Calendar and Gmail. They help your tasks become easier and faster.

Now, you may want to ask what the tasks app is all about, right? Read on to know what this is all about and how it works.

Google Tasks

We all know that there are different activities you just have to attend to. With this, you can actually put all your activities and appointments in one location. And after attending one, you can mark it as a done activity! This is the reason it is called your to-do list.

This amazing and helpful service brought to you by Google is available on your computer and mobile devices. On your computer, you can access it through your Gmail and on your Android phone through the mobile app, which we will be talking about in the latter part of the article.

Google Tasks for Android

You have gotten a brief explanation of how Google Tasks Android works and its use. However, you may still want to know other amazing features, right? Let’s check out the amazing features of this app.

  • Capture and put down your tasks anywhere and anytime
  • Add more details, edit, and create subtasks
  • View tasks created from your emails
  • Stay up to date with notifications and due dates
  • Be part of G Suite

Through these features, you can be in control of your tasks, as you install the Google Tasks Android app into your mobile device. Manage your to-do lists on the go with this app brought to you by Google.

Google Tasks Android App

If you want to download the Tasks app on your Android device, then you simply have to do so through the Google Play Store on your device. Are you set to begin? Follow the steps below to download this app to your phone.

  • On your smartphone, visit the Google Play Store app
  • In the search bar above the page, type in and search for “Google Tasks”
  • On the next page of search results, select the very first app
  • Click on “Install”

Clicking on this button will begin the download of the app to your phone. After the download process, open and follow the steps to set up. However, you should make sure your Google account is active on your phone. That’s how it works!


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