If you just need to attend so many activities, then you must love to-do lists. Google Tasks Desktop helps everybody use this great tool for tasking. Most people think it is just a mobile application but actually, it can be accessed on Desktops too.

Individuals using Desktops make use of Google Calendar as their to-do list, but now with Google Tasks Desktop, you can have that convenience you want. To learn more about the Desktop version, read on.

Google Tasks Desktop 

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Google Tasks Desktop 

Google Tasks Desktop is the version that is available for Desktop users to access and use. This is simply a free online service that helps to manage to-do lists. It is accessed using your Google account which is your Gmail. It is a place for you to make lists of tasks or items that need to be done, and then cross them out when done.

Google Tasks allows you to create a to-do list within the Desktop Gmail or with the Desktop app itself. If a task is added, it can be integrated into your Gmail Calendar, add details, or subtasks. The tasks also enable you to drag and drop emails into the list you have created. You can rearrange the order and also check off the completed tasks. Google tasks are sleeker and easier to use in your work routine with the updated design.

Google Tasks

With Tasks, you can manage your to-do lists. It is an all-in-one list maker and also a task organizer. Google is actually known for making solid and no-thrill products that are very easy to use. Easy is a term that describes Google Tasks perfectly. The app does not have many features like Wunderlist or Todoist, but it is just right for you! It helps to keep track of your shopping list or track the items. Oh yes, it is Free to use.

The list you create on Google tasks is stored in the cloud. That is to say, it can be used across your other devices. Isn’t that interesting?

Google Tasks for Desktop 

Google Tasks can be accessed and used easily on your desktop if you have an update of Gmail. Here’s how you can use it on your desktop;

  • Open your Gmail account and click on “Settings”. Then select “Try the new Gmail”.
  • With the new Gmail service, you would notice a “Blue” icon on the right side.
  • Hit on the icon that says “Tasks”.
  • Click on the blue + button to add a task.
  • Type in a task beside the bubble and click on “Enter or Return”.

Just like your first task would be added and you can add more if you want.

How can I add Tasks To Google Calendar?

Adding tasks to your calendar is really simple and fast. To do so, follow the simple instructions below;

  • If you are using the Desktop version click on “Edit Details” or “Add Date” on the application version.
  • Select a date on the calendar that will pop up.
  • Then the task would be automatically integrated into both the phone and the desktop’s Calendar (Google Calendar).

Adding Email to Google Tasks

Do you wish to add an email to your tasks but do not know how to? Then you should not worry anymore, because we’ve got you. To add, follow the simple procedures below;

  • Hold the email and then drag it to the open Task list.
  • When you’re within the email, simply click on the “Three dots” icon located at the top of the email and choose “Add to Tasks”.

That’s it. You would be all set up to go.


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