There are so many to-do apps but you just need the best in your inbox, which includes the Google Tasks Gmail. Google tasks, which are integrated into Gmail, provides you with an organized way to create tasks and to-do lists. If you just want to keep records and organize activities that you need to attend to, then this will surely help you place all activities in one place. How to begin? Let’s dive in!

Google Tasks Gmail

Today, we will be covering Google Tasks Gmail and how you can make use of it. This email platform, Gmail provides you with the feature of creating to-do lists, set due dates, and make notes. You even create these tasks right from your email messages!

It is the simplest to-do list app, which is one of the most popular apps to help engage in organizing your activities. Perhaps, there are just so many activities and appointments that you need to attend to, you can simply place them right on your task notes. After attending to any, you can simply mark them as done. That’s how it works. With this, let’s proceed further, as you get to know how to use the Google Tasks Gmail.

Tasks in New Gmail

Now you know what this task feature is all about, what’s next? You have to create yours, in order to place all your activities in an ordered list. So, if you have got a Google account, which is also integrated with the Gmail app, then you can simply create, save, and also share your Google Tasks Gmail list right away!

It is possible for you to do this using the Gmail logged into your computer or the mobile application on your mobile phone. Follow this article, as you get to know more about how you can do this.

Google Tasks Desktop

If you want to create your Google Tasks Gmail using your computer device, you can simply do this in a few and easy steps. As long as you have got this Google account logged into your computer through Gmail, you are sure to begin right away. How to create a task?

  • On your computer, launch your web browser and visit the website on
  • On the right side of the homepage, click on the Tasks icon
  • To proceed further, click on “Add a Task”
  • Enter the details of the task
  • To add more details or date, click on the Edit
  • When you are done, click on Back

To rearrange this task, click on More, which is the three horizontal dots, and select My Order.

Google Tasks Android

To make use of this Google Tasks Gmail through the Gmail app on your Android phone is absolutely easy! As long as you have the Google Tasks app right within your Android phone, you are good to go. How do you get this app? You just have to get into the Google Play Store, type in “Google Tasks” in the search bar, and search for it.

On the next page from the search results, click on the very first app. And for you to proceed further, you have to click on the “Install”. This will begin the download of the app on your mobile phone. Once you have gotten the app, follow the steps below to create your tasks.

  • On your Android phone, launch the Tasks app
  • After the download, open the app and log in with your Google account details
  • Scroll through, find and click on the “+” sign on the page
  • Click on the menu button on the left side of the screen to create, name, delete, rename, or delete tasks

This will give you the chance to make use of and create a list of your activities right within this app on your smartphone. You can also download the app on your iPhone and iPad and create your tasks too.


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