I am very sure that most of us today know about Google translate, but what we don’t know is if it can be used on Chrome. That is how this topic Google Translate for Chrome comes about, to update us if Google Translate can be used on Chrome or not.

Most of us are having difficulty when browsing the internet why because at the time we come across websites that are not English maybe Spanish websites and you don’t understand their language. You will be confused that you don’t know what to do at that time. After reading this article, when next you come across any website that is not of English or not of the language you speak and understand, you will know what to do then.

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Google Translate for Chrome

Speaking of google translate for chrome, I want to tell you that there is a translation or translator made for chrome and it is not a normal app that you can download into your chrome browser. This chrome translate that I am talking about is an extension that can be installed into your chrome browser.

With this extension, you can translate or change any kind of language you want to translate to. You can translate from Spanish to English – English to Spanish. You can also translate from Portuguese to English or Spanish or to any other language of your choice.

Review About Google Translate Extension – Google Translate for Chrome

The chrome translate is only meant for the chrome browser; You cannot use the chrome translate extension on other browsers. But you can install the translate extension on any other browser if you want. The most amazing thing about this chrome translate is that you don’t need to sign in before you can use it.

As long your email address is signed in on your chrome you have already signed in your email on it. And again, you don’t have to stress yourself by coping with the word. Or the article you want to translate from the website to the chrome translate extension before you can change the words into English.

Whenever you visit a website that is not English. The chrome translate extension will automatically translate the words on the website into English all by itself.

How to Install Google Translate on Chrome

To download or install google translate on your chrome browser. You don’t have to visit any website or access any Appstore to install it on your browser. What you have to do is these;

In no time, the extension will be added to your chrome extension bar at the top of your chrome browser. And you should know that it is already activated and you can start using it.


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