“Google Translate French to English” is what I will be talking about in this article that I have here today. Most people find it very difficult in understanding other people’s language, mostly when they are chatting online with someone who does not speak the same language as him or her. Do you know that with the help of Google translate you can turn any language that you don’t understand or know into your own language?

Google Translate French To English


Google Translate French To English

I will not be speaking generally on google translate but speaking of translating the French language to English. We all know that English is the most spoken language all over the world, you can speak English to someone in other countries that you don’t know and they will understand. But when someone chats with you within a french language that you don’t understand, you will not be able to understand what the person is trying to pass to you.

As I have said that google translate is there to help you change that language of french or words to an English word or language. Google translate has a mobile app, if you are a user of an iOS or Android phone, you can easily make use of the translate app to reform the french language to English.

Google Translate App

The mobile app of google is compatible with all kinds of mobile devices, as I have mentioned in the paragraph before this very one. Google translate is mostly used on mobile devices, that is to say, mobile users are the people that use google translate the most. For instance, you are the social media chatting with someone who does not speak or write in English. You can easily access the google translate app on your device to translate the french language to English. I have everything under control, right after talking about the download process. I am going to tell you how you can access the app and how you can use it to translate other languages. 

How To Download Google Translate

Downloading this app is extremely easy, it doesn’t matter if you are an iOS or Android user. You can download the app using just one step that I will be listing down here with you. So, follow the instructions as mentioned down here.

  • Access the app store of your smartphone, Apply store, or google play store if you are an Android or iOS user.
  • On the app store homepage, type in “Google Translate” inside the search engine.
  • Finally, you just have to click the installation button for the app to be downloaded.

After downloading the app, it will automatically install itself once the download process is completed. Now over to how you can make use of the app.

How To Set Google Translate App

This is the same as how you can make use of the app. To begin with, for you to translate the french language to English you have to set the app first. To set up the app follow the steps below;

  • Access the translator app and after that.
  • Click on the menu icon at the left-hand corner side of your screen.
  • Turn to settings and “Tap to Translate”.
  • Then click the button icon to enable it.

By doing this, you have enabled the app and it is set to be used to translate any language.

How To Translate the French Language To English

You can translate from one language to another in two ways. One of them is when you are chatting with someone online and he was chatting in the french language which you don’t understand. You can just long press on the message sent to you. A pop up will come up from the right corner of your screen which is the translate app. Click on the notification tag then a page will come up where you will find the translation result. You will see the original language and also the English language that you translate it into.

Secondly, the other way you can translate words from French to English. You can just copy the word you want to translate and access the translate app. You will see two different options one is for the language you want to translate from. And the other is the one you want to translate to. Look for the language of the word that you have copied and paste it into the text box. After that, you will be given the result of the other language you want to translate to. You can also download languages that are not free but your mobile data must be on before you can use the app. That is all for this article, I believe that you enjoy every bit of the article.


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