Google Translator for PC: Install The Google Translator Chrome Extension

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Is there a Google translator for PC app? This is a question you should be asking yourself if you know about this wonderful language translator app. Well if you would love to find out, it wouldn’t be all that easy for you. The answer to the above question would be embedded in this post. To therefore get the answer you deserve you would have to read the contents of this post from the beginning to the end.

Google Translator for PC

Google Translator for PC

The Google translator app is a very famous language translator app. This very app is in fact the default language translating app for millions of users all over the globe. With this, one can therefore that the app is a very important one. This app is being used for chatting and making friends all over the world. The app is also used by business persons in carrying out and striking deals all over the globe.

There’s no negativity to this app. And if you haven’t made use of this app before you are missing out on a lot. I first came across the goggle language translator tool when I was communicating with some of my international friends. At the time my international friends were not all fluent in the English language and I, in turn, was at a loss when it came to their own indigenous language.

And as the story goes, this made me go in search of a tool that could make things easier. And that was when I came across the Google language translator tool. I also got to find out that many people already were making use of the app. It was almost like I came late to the party. I was kind of sad about it but only for a bit. I was also happy that I came across it as things with my friends became easier as from that point on.

Is There a Goggle Translator App for PC

Once again, is there an app for pc platforms when it comes to the Google language translator tool? The answer to this question is kind of straight forward and simple. There is no official app for the Google translator tool. But however, there is a web platform for it with which users can access the platform and its services.

Also, there is an extension for this app. With this extension, users can also carry out their normal business with which they can use the tool for. All you need to do is to visit the Google Chrome web browser store to install the Google translator tool on your computer device.

Unfortunately, there is no standalone app for this language translator tool as there is one for mobile devices. And for this reason, the platform has made other options available for PC users. And just as explained already, these options are the web portals and the browser extensions.

How To Install The Google Translator Chrome Extension

The extension is free for installations. To install this extension,

  • Go to the Google Chrome web store at
  • Using the search bar, search for Google translate.
  • Click the add to chrome tab.
  • Select the add extension option from the pop-up and that’s it.

The Google translate extension would be added to your chrome web browser immediately for free.

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