What are the Google trends search? Before we get started, google trends is a website designed by Google that analyzes the popularity of search engine queries on the google search engine. This search analysis is done across different languages and regions. Google trends use graphs to compare the search trend of different queries over time. The trend is usually measured in search volume. Google trends were merged with google insights in 2012.

Google Trends Search

Google insights were originally launched in 2008 as a more sophisticated and advanced service that displays search trends. There are a whole lot of things that google trends give you access to. You could also compare the relative search volume between two or more terms.

Google Trends

It is a whole new chapter in the world of SEO. Those who understand this platform take advantage of it to boost their traffic. This tool allows you to explore what the world is searching for. You can even customize your search to a particular region, country, or even language. One might be asking what exactly google trends is. Well, google trends defined as simple is a free tool that provides data and graphs based on the popularity of specific searches in both Google and YouTube.

What Google Trend has to Offer You

Well, as a blogger, marketer, or SEO expert, google trends is a really great tool to make your work easier. There are tons of things that you can do with google trends despite the fact that a lot of people overlook them. They overlook it because they don’t know how to use it and how to apply it to their website growth. Here are some things that you can do with google trends.

  • Find search volumes that are trending.
  • Find related keywords.
  • Find “Breakout” keywords.
  • Uncover related topics for your blog or video content.
  • Find keywords for your YouTube videos.
  • Discover local search trends.
  • Discover new keywords.
  • Tap into LSI keywords.

These are some basic things that you can do with google trends.

Google Trend Search

There are different trend searches that you can make on the google trends website. As of now, there is no official application for google trends on the google play store. Any app you find is just a third-party app. You can use google trends to search for trending searches, year in search, or whatever you like. Follow the steps below to use google trends for keyword research.

Hit the “Enter” key on your keyboard to make the search. You would now be provided with analyzed details f your search term. You would see different segments like subregion, related topics, and related queries. You would also see a graph of the keyword interest over time. There are also further options that you can use in customizing the data shown.

Google Trends Trending Searches

Google trends tending searches shows a list of searches made all over the world. You can click on any story on this page and get more context. The page is a very important page for journalists. The trending searches include real-time trends search and daily search trends alike. Here is a breakdown of both search trends.

Google Trends Daily Search Trends

The search trends highlight the increase significantly in search traffic over the past day. This trend is usually updated every hour. You can take advantage of these daily search trend to see what people are interested in at a given time. You can also see how the searches rank compared to other ones.

Google Trends Realtime Search Trends

The google trends real-time search trends are usually made up of highlights that increase significantly in search traffic. Google tends real-time search trends is a collection of search interests, google news articles and knowledge graph topics that are detected by the google algorithm. The knowledge graph provided enables google technology to connect searchers with real-world places and things.

If you read this article carefully, you would see the usefulness of google trends in growing your online business. Thousands of people are taking advantage of it while others are still doubting. The tool is totally free to use and you don’t have to pay for anything.


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