Google Voice is a voicemail service that is designed by Google. It is designed for the purpose of rendering U.S numbers to various google account users. This lets people send text messages, voice messages, do all that voicemail, receive calls, sending of calls to different people in diverse countries.

Google Voice

It let users record calls and stop recording and it also offers an easy way where people can forward calls from pc-to-phone inside Canada and U.S. it also offers the ability that let google+ hangout users use pc-to-pc to make voice and video calls globally.

Google Voice

It was initially launched on March 11, 2009, by Google. It is available for iOS, Android, tablet apps. And it let to make international calls in low charges fee. And it is very useful in offices, business place any kind of organization whether big or small.

It also provides international numbers to google users. It gives users the ability to block unwanted numbers, switching of lines into mid-calls, screen calls b answering them, safety from spam messages and calls, reading of voicemail transcripts in your inbox, and customize your voicemail greetings.

How to Create Google Voice Account and Get a Voice Number on Mobile Device | Google Voice App

Follow the below steps to create the account on your iOS and Android device;

  • After you have downloaded the app on your phone
  • Open the app and choose your preferred google account that your voice number will be attached to
  • Tap on ‘continue
  • Go to the next page and click on ‘search’
  • Search for your preferred number by using a city code or area code
  • Click on the “green select” button to choose the number you want from the list
  • Your number will be confirmed on the platform then,
  • Go to the next side and tap on ‘Next’
  • After your number is verified, input your verified phone that you preferred
  • Then, a code will be sent to you by google
  • Input the code and tap on verify
  • Tap on “Claim” then
  • Lastly, tap on “FINISH”

Above are the steps to sign up for a google voice account on your mobile devices.

How to Set Up Google Voice on Pc

Below are steps to sign-up for a google voice account on pc;

Above are the steps to create a voice number account and how to get your number.

How to Login Your Google Voice Account | Google Voice Login

Below are steps to login your account;

  • Open your device
  • Click on ‘sign in
  • Input your Google account details
  • Now, tap on Next and follow the required instructions to open your account

Above are the steps to log in to your google account.


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