Do you feel too lazy to type or enter a command into operating systems at times? Well if you don’t feel lazy and tired of doing this, I am and do get tired occasionally. Hat if I tell you that there is actually a feature that will allow you to speak instead of typing? Yes, this is true and in the course of this article you will find out.

This is where the Google voice search tool and the product come into play. If that’s the case, what then is the Google voice search feature? Without any further ado, the Google voice search is a Google product. This product can also be referred to as a search by Google. This very product allows Google users to make use of the Google search product by speaking on your device.

Google Voice Search

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Google Voice Search

The Google voice search initially named voice action was released in 2012. This very Google product is available in an array of languages all over the globe. With this Google product, you don’t necessarily need to type or enter keywords or commands manually into your Google search bar.

All you need to do is to enter your command by speaking and still get the required results. This feature and product by Google is very much like the Apple Siri voice assistance. Since the inception of this very Google app, it has been compared closely to Apple’s own voice query tool. The importance of this Google product cannot be overemphasized.

Personally, I have made use of this Google product a couple of times and I find it very interesting. This Google tool is amazingly quick and also provides in-depth results of search queries. This tool however was once available for the US English alone.

This means that there was a time, where the search tool never understood any other form of language asides the American English. But however, the tool is and Google product is now available in a host of languages across the globe.

Google Voice Search PC

Do you know that you can also access this product on your PC? There has previously been a widespread insinuation that the Google voice search tool is only available on mobile devices. But I say here in this article today that this is false. This very service from Google can also be accessed on PC devices. But before you could access this Google product and service, you must be using a chrome internet browser.

To make use of this tool, click on the little microphone icon to the right side of the Google search bar. And here is something you should also know about the Google voice search tool on PCs. For this tool to work on your PC, your PC must have a microphone.

If the microphone is not available on your PC, this feature will not work. Al you do not need to download this tool and product and it is not a Google extension either. This service is a built-in service and tool on the Google Chrome browser.

How To Turn On Google Voice Search

On Google devices and most Android and iOS devices, the Google voice search feature comes pre-installed and already turned on. On some devices on the other hand you will have to turn it on manually on your own. And in this section, I will be guiding you on the necessary steps needed to turn on the Google voice search feature. Follow the steps below to turn on Google voice search.


  • On your android smartphone or tablet, open the Google app. If the goggle app is not downloaded and installed on your device, you will have to download it.
  • Tap More at the bottom of the Google app.
  • On the more page, tap on settings and then on voice.
  • Under the ‘hey Google’ option, tap voice match.
  • Lastly, tap on turn on hey Google.

iPhone And iPad

  • Open the Google app on your iOS device.
  • Tap More on the bottom of the app page and then on settings and voice.
  • On the next page, you can personalize how you want your voice search settings like language, when you want your voice search to start and others.
  • Tap on done when you are finished.

That’s how you turn on the feature on your device.

How To Start A Voice Search

Starting a voice search using this Google tool is easy. To do this, you will have to follow the steps below;


  • Open the Google app on your android device.
  • Say hey Google or tap the microphone icon.


  • Open the Google app on your iOS device.
  • Say OK Google or tap speak.

That’s how you start a voice search using this Google product and tool. This tool can be used in searching for entertainment, travel and navigation, facts and quick answers and so many more.

How do I activate Google Voice voice?

To activate Google Voice, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Google account.
  2. Go to the Google Voice website at
  3. Click the “Get Google Voice” button.
  4. Choose the Google account you want to use for Google Voice.
  5. Accept the terms and conditions of use.
  6. Choose a Google Voice number or port an existing number (additional fees may apply for porting).
  7. Follow the prompts to set up your voicemail greeting and other settings.

Once you’ve completed these steps, your Google Voice account should be activated and you can start using it to make and receive calls, send and receive text messages, and more. You can access your Google Voice account on the web or through the Google Voice mobile app.


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