Google Web Designer: Bring Your Creative Vision To Life With The Amazing Features Of The Google Web Designer Tool


What is a Google web designer? Have you heard about this Google too? Well, it seems Google is into everything that is on the market today, and here is another one. As a developer and you don’t know about the Google web designer tool, then you need to read this article. This content has got important pieces of information that will help you in your field as a developer. It just might be that you have been looking for a feature and tool as the Google web designer tool. Continue reading to find out if the Google web developer tool has got what it takes to get your attention.

Google Web Designer

Google Web Designer

Google web designer tool is a program for desktop devices. This goggle tool does not help you develop webpages or platforms, but rather it provides you with the various tools to help you develop web content and pages. The Google web designer tool helps users create interactive and engaging HTML5-based designs and other motion graphics.

One very interesting fact about this product is that you can run the designs and graphics created with this tool on any device. If you have an idea that you are struggling with, this is the tool that helps brings it to life. The main aim of this productivity tool is to help you with features that give you the power to create not just beautiful but engaging HTML5 contents. With this tool, you bring your creative vision to life with its animation and interactive elements. You can also integrate this product tool with other Google products like Google Drive, Google ads, display, and video 360.

Google web designer offers a very vivid graphic user interface with design tools that you are familiar with such as the text tool, a shapes tool, a pen tool, and 3D tools. This tool also has other advertising tools that include various components to add YouTube videos and Google maps to your project. It also offers a tool that will automatically help with the tracking code events for AdMob and DoubleClick. The code embedded within this feature enables users to create CSS, XML, and JavaScript files. The code view also uses syntax highlighting and code auto-completion making codes easier to write and in the process getting few to none errors.

Google Web Designer Features

The features of this tool are the things that make the tool complete and worth making use of. This tool gives you the power to design and bring your imagination to life with its effective interesting features. This tool provides features that every developer out there should make use of. The features of this platform and tool are interactive. There is the pages feature that lets you create multiple pages to include multiple scenes within one project. With the pages feature, your audience can easily switch to a whole new experience while still viewing the sane creative.

There is also the drag and drop feature that lets you instantly add functionality to your project such as video players, image galleries, maps, and many more. With each of the components, you do not need coding and they automatically report metrics. Another feature with this productivity tool is that you can also set up events with the interactive features of this platform. With this, your audience can easily react to actions on your page. You can use preset events on this platform or create your very own from the scratch, making use of JavaScript.

Another feature of this productivity tool is its flexibility. Create a dynamic workflow and responsive ads with Google web designer. You can set up your ads with this tool so they get to adapt to any screen they display. With the power of CSS3, you get to not just create but manipulate 3D content. Position designs and transformations anyhow you want.

With the animation feature on this tool, you even get to choose your flows, unlike most platforms and tools. You can also take advantage of other Google products via Google integrations through the entirety of your ad creation process. And lastly, there is the content creation tools feature on the platform. With these tools, you get to create your own designs using various tools such as pen and text tools

Google Web Designer Supported Devices

This Google product tool is only supported on mac, windows, and Linux devices. This tool due to its elaborate nature is not supported on mobile devices, nit even tabs. The devices that you can get this tool on are mac 10.10.x and higher versions. This tool is also supported on Windows 7 and higher. And lastly, this tool is supported on Linux 64-bit running OS.

How To Download The Google Web Designer

Did I mention that this tool and app is free to download and make use of? This is one of the most frequently asked questions regarding this tool by users who knows about it but haven’t made use of it just yet. Downloading and making use of the Google product tool is free. To download this tool, go to Google Web Designer. And click on the download web designer button and follow the steps that follow.

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