Google Yahoo Finance is a stock market showing how Google corporation Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) is trading on the stock exchange market. Google Finance is a site that focuses on business news and other financial information and is hosted by Google.

Google Yahoo Finance - Getting Started with Google Finance

On the Google Yahoo Finance platform, you will see real-time market quotes, international exchanges, up-to-date financial news, and analytics to enable an individual to get more information on the trading market of Google Yahoo Finance.

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Google Yahoo Finance

Google Yahoo Finance platform is at S&P futures, Dow futures, Nasdaq futures, and Russell 2000 futures. You can view the market Capitalization, previous day closing stocks, and opening stock of the present day. You can see also the day’s range, 52-week range, earnings (consensus EPS), Financial reports, Annual, and quarterly showing earnings and revenue, analyst price targets and recommendations rating, top stocks gainer, etc.

Google Finance is known to be the best tool to use for stock investment. For your individual stocks and investing money to be earned, Google Finance is the right site to carry out your proper research. Also, a place to learn more on investment in stock strategies that will assist you in reaching your financial goals.

However, one of the strategies in investing is using Exchange-traded funds (ETFs). With ETF it, therefore, means that you do not have to choose individual stocks rather, they will be chosen for you. For example, if you wish to make an investment in gold stocks but do not which of the sticks to select, with the Google Finance portfolio tool such an issue will we handled for you.

Getting Started with Google Finance

When you visit the website of Google Finance there is a sidebar and you’ll see a section known as the World Markets. In this section, you will see how stock markets are moving on in different countries. Also, you’ll see a Currency section, where you’ll see different currencies stocks competing with one another.

Bond yields are listed in that section too. Another section is Summary, where you’ll see how different industries are thriving on a global scale. Industries like Healthcare, Technology, and Energy.

However, you will get all stock-related information on the site including the price-to-earnings ratio, which shows as an indicator if the price of the stock is overpriced. Recently, Google has removed its old portfolio tool on its site. But they still use a mechanism that can be used to import holding, then Google Finance will track them for you.

In case you want to keep your investment plans private, you can use the fraction formula to ensure your investment is confidential. Also, with the fundamental widget, you can search for vital information on the P/E ratio, volatility, and market cap.

It shows you a wide range of overviews that may be used to make good investment decisions. Google Finance offers the best Investment information than the rest including newspapers.

How to Create a Stock Portfolio in Google Finance?

To start using the Google Finance platform, an active Google account. The steps are very simple and if you have a Google account already. Once the process is complete, you can begin to set up your Google Finance portfolio.

To begin, go to Google Finance, and tab on the link “Portfolio” at the upper side of the portfolio. Next, create and name your portfolio, then begin adding the stocks and mutual funds of choice to track. However, there exist two methods to use and view Google Finance, there are as follows:

Fundamentals – The fundamentals help you to view the last price, market capitalization, earnings per share of each stock, average volume, 52-week lows and highs, and P/E. Access to transactions in the platform.

Additionally, if you’re not conversant with the platform, setting the Google Finance portfolio will be confusing when you start. But as soon you get your way, you’ll realize all that the platform offers especially all the information you need for your investment research.


Here in the overview section, you’ll see the prices of stock. Also, the stock market capitalization, its movement, volume, and the high and low prices per day. Using the Google Finance platform for your investment research provides you with all the necessary information on stock market investment. You can leverage the information on the platform.


This number shows you the low and high of the stock all through the trading day. There is no number after trading has closed for the day.

52 Weeks

In this section, you see how stocks have moved in the previous 52 weeks or years. It is another means to know how volatile a stock has been over the long term.


This shows you the exact price of the stock when the market opened. It will not show any number at the close of the stock market for the day.

Market Cap

This is market capitalization. It is the share price versus the number of shares available in the market. Also, the figure reflects the size of the company in the market but not the share price.


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