Have you heard of Google YouTube or probably YouTube? You see, YouTube is the same as Google YouTube. The only reason why it is added here is that Google is the sole owner of the platform. What this means to say is that YouTube is owned by Google. Headquartered in San Bruno, California is YouTube, an American video-sharing platform.

Google YouTube

The platform or service was created by three former employees of PayPal in February 2005. However, Google bought the site later in the year 2006 in November. The platform or service now operates as a subsidiary of Google, in order words, it is a part of Google services. To learn more about Google YouTube, read on.


Google YouTube

YouTube or Google YouTube is a platform that allows its users to upload, rate, view, add to playlist, share, report, and even comment on videos. Subscription to other channels on the platform is also possible. The platform offers a wide variety of user-generated and corporate media videos. The kind of videos available on the platform is TV show clips, Video clips, music video, documentary, live streams, movie trailers, and so on.

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Majority of videos on the platform if not all are free to view. YouTubers (people who focus on updating and posting videos to the platform) can earn from the platform through another Google platform called Google AdSense. Youtube offers some pretty interesting and entertaining apps that no one would like to miss out on.

YouTube Videos Or TV

This platform is a streaming platform that offers users lots of videos, movies, and tv series. On the platform, you can watch almost any kind of videos you want such as comedy, inspirational, true-life stories, and many others. An awesome fact about Google YouTube is that it is free for anyone to use. You can video videos online for free, but to post a comment, download upload your own, then an account is needed. Youtube video is the only service offered by Youtube.

YouTube Music

This service is a subscription streaming service. The service was built just like its competitors Spotify and Apple Music. Users can stream using the Youtube Music app on iOS and Android phones. It is simple and comes with a quite simple and fast streaming interface.

YouTube Go

This is an Android device app that is aimed at making the platform easier to access and use on your Android smartphone. The apps let users download and share videos with those they wish to share with. Being an Android app, it makes it easier for users to use, preview, and share using Bluetooth. Also, there are more options regarding data control and the resolution of the video.

YouTube App

Youtube app helps you to video videos faster, connect, and share with others. It comes with a simple and neat user interface that makes it easier to navigate through the app without hassle. Sounds interesting, right? So why haven’t you downloaded the Youtube app yet? It is compatible with any device type including iOS and Android, which means you can use it no matter the device you are using. All you have to download is to install Youtube from the apps or of the device that you are using.

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How To Download App

Youtube can be installed from the app store of any compatible device for free. To download or install the appt o your device, open your App Store, and enter Youtube. Then from the search tap on the first Youtube app on display. Then select the “Install” button on the information page. Immediately the app will be installed and downloaded without stress. Now, that you have the app on your device, to enjoy all the features on the platform, you need to create an account.

Google YouTube Account

Creating, registering, or signing up for a YouTube account is simple and free. It can be done to follow the steps listed below accordingly. Make sure you pay attention so you are going to understand all that will be discussed.

  • Turn on the device you want to use in creating the YouTube account and connect it to an active source of the data connection.
  • Head to or visit the web address youtube.com.
  • Locate by the top right side of the screen the “Create Account” button.
  • Then follow the simple instructions that would be shown afterward.

That is all you need to do to successfully create a YouTube account on computers.

For Android;

Follow the steps below to create a YouTube account on an android device.

  • Turn on your android device and connect to an active source of the data connection.
  • Locate and launch the YouTube app on your device.
  • Locate by the top right side of the screen your profile picture and tap on it.
  • Find and tap on the “Sign In” button then on the “Add account +” link.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions that would be given or shown afterwards.

That is how you can create a YouTube account using an android device. The same steps can also be followed for iPhones and iPad to create a YouTube account.

YouTube Sign In

Signing in to Google YouTube is free just like creating an account is free. Follow the steps below to successfully sign in to your Google YouTube account.

  • Turn on the device you want to use in signing in to your YouTube account and connect it to an active source of the data connection.
  • Visit the web address or head to youtube.com.
  • Locate by the top right side of the screen the profile picture icon and tap on it.
  • Tap on the sign-in button and enter your email address or phone number. If you are signed in to your Google account, you can tap it instead and you would be automatically signed in.
  • If you entered your email address or phone number, enter your account password into the password field and hit the “Next” button.

That is all you need to do to successfully sign in to your YouTube account. The steps above can be used to sign in on almost any device. Remember, it is free and you have nothing to lose.

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