Grants for Investigative Journalism on Environmental Crime

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Have you heard of the Grants for Investigative Journalism on Environmental Crime? Grants by GRID-Arendal for investigative journalism on environmental crime 2021. The grant is focused on environmental crime in developing countries. Four grant recipients of this program will each be receiving 25,000 Norwegian kroner (approximately €2,300).

This journalism grant funds in-depth, investigative journalism that breaks new ground and also reveals new information about environmental crime that takes place with or across countries that are developing. They are looking forward to high impact reporting, mostly on issues that are neglected by the mainstream media.

Proposals for projects on a variety of media platforms, which include print, online, audio, video, and multimedia projects are invited. Also, data journalism, data visualization, and open-source intelligence journalism are all welcome. All the projects that will be coming must all be published in English, and if it in an additional language that is a plus.

Grants for Investigative Journalism on Environmental Crime

Grants for Investigative Journalism on Environmental Crime

GRID-Arendal is a non-profit environmental communications center that is based in Norway. It is supported by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation, among other many donors.

They collaborate with the UN Environment Programme and other partners on projects that protect the environment, restore ecosystems, and advance the Sustainable Development Goals, with an emphasis on supporting developing countries.

The grants will support reporting projects that are focused on one or more countries on the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development list of Official Development Assistance recipients.


Applicants that are successfully accepted will receive half of the grant amount after signing a grant agreement, and then the second half after the reporting project is submitted for publication or broadcast.

Deadline of Grant

Applications for the grants are due January 22, 2021, and it will be awarded in February 2021.


  • To be eligible, you must be a professional journalist either as a staff member at a media organization or a freelancer with a great record of publishing work in respected outlets.
  • Experience in investigative journalism is needed.
  • Applications are open to journalists from anywhere in the world.
  • Applications from candidates with diverse backgrounds are encouraged.

Requirements for Application

The application form should contain the following;

  • résumé or CV
  • 3–5 published work samples
  • description of a proposed reporting project, including a plan for obtaining information and summary of preliminary research or reporting
  • the estimated budget for the project, explaining what grant money would pay for
  • the estimated timeline for the project
  • publication plan, ideally including a letter of commitment or letter of interest from a media outlet, and an indication of whether you would publish the project in any languages other than English
  • names and contact information for three professional references
  • acknowledgment of any other donors or sources of funding for the project, if relevant
  • statement about how you would operate safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The materials for application must be all written in English and budgets expressed in Norwegian Kroner. The materials should all be combined into a single PDF and emailed to Valentin Emelin and Siri Olsson

For more information and details on Grant, click on this link.

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