Guaranty Trust Bank Nigeria is popularly known as GTB or GT Bank is a multi-national financial institution that offers users Retail banking, Online/ Internet banking, Corporate Banking, Investment banking, and also offers Asset Management services, having its headquarters in Victoria Island, Lagos. It was formed by over 35 young Nigerians in their thirties.

Guaranty Trust Bank Nigeria


Guaranty Trust Bank Nigeria – History of the Bank

The bank was incorporated as a limited liability company that was licensed to provide banking and commercial services to the whole Nigerian public in the year 1990 and started operating in February 1991. The bank became a public company in September 1996 and also won the Nigerian Stock exchange presidential merit award.

It was granted a universal banking license and was later on appointed a settlement bank to the CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria) company in 2003. GTB undertook its second share offering and then rose more than N11 billion from some Nigerian investors to expand the company’s operations.

Guaranty Trust Bank Internet banking

Do you know that you can sit at home and carry out your banking transactions? With internet banking, you can sit at home and do the transactions you want from your account. With the internet, you can enjoy the convenience of managing all your finances easily and quickly at any time. Here are some benefits of GTB internet banking;

  • You can easily access your bank accounts from anywhere in the world.
  • You can monitor your account online.
  • Quick and easy access to bank information and products.
  • It is a very effective, cheap, and easy way for bank customers to communicate with bankers.
  • You can make your bill payments.
  • Transfers foreign currency.
  • You can have access to your account 24/7.

These are the benefits you can get from online/mobile banking.

How to Register for GTB Internet Banking

Now that you know what internet banking is all about, I’m sure you would want to apply for online access which I will show you in this paragraph. Follow the steps below to register;

  • Access your browser and go to
  • Click on Register from the page once loaded.
  • Provide the information the spaces provided such as NUBAN (14th, 15th, 10th and 14th digits on your card number, your card number, the card expiry date, and the card pin.
  • Confirm to be Human by hitting “I’m not a robot”. Then hit on Continue.

From the next page, follow the on-screen instructions to get your USER ID and Password sent to you.

How to retrieve Guaranty Trust Bank internet banking details

You can simply retrieve your User ID and password with the steps below;

  • Navigate to the Guaranty Trust Bank internet bank portal through
  • Enter your User ID or Email Address and hit on Forgot your password? Or Forget your secret question?

Follow the on-screen instructions to retrieve your details.

Guaranty Trust Bank Mobile Banking

With the GTB mobile bank app, you can carry your bank anywhere with you. You can quickly perform all your transactions and also manage your accounts with the app. On the Guaranty Trust Bank mobile bank you can do the following;

These are the transactions you can carry out with the Guaranty Trust Bank mobile app.

How to Get and Register for GTB Mobile Banking

You can get the GTB mobile banking app for free on the AppStore of the device that you are using. Follow below to do so;

  • Open the App Store of your device.
  • Use the search field to type in GTBank and search.
  • From the filtered out results, tap on the first one to load the information page.
  • Tap on Install to get it.

The GTBank mobile app will get into your device if you have a good data connection.

To register for Guaranty Trust mobile banking you would need to go to the branch near you.


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