The Guestobsessed Customer Survey by Checker and Rallies Restaurant is a short questionnaire that helps the company learn from its flaws. The survey is designed for customers to express how they feel about the products and services offered by Checker and Rallies.

Guestobsessed Customer Survey

The survey is very similar to those being used by other restaurants. If you are a customer at the restaurant, you can consider participating in this survey.

Guestobsessed Customer Survey

The Checkers and Rally’s Guest Obsessed Survey wants to know how well customers love their experience with the store. The survey is a chance to obtain valuable feedback after making an order.

To get started, get any sandwich free when you purchase any large drink at Checkers and Rally’s restaurant, then share your feedback at the Guestobsessed.Com Survey official website.

For you to begin the guest survey, a purchase at a participating restaurant is a must. You’ll need the 20-digit survey code or 4-digit store number printed on your receipt. Survey

Guestobsessed.Com Survey is the official customer survey website, where Checker and Rallies customers share their experiences. However, the primary purpose of conducting the guest-obsessed survey is to collect opinions from different customers. After getting various opinions, they can know the drawbacks, which helps improve the restaurant for your next visit.

Checkers and Rally’s Guest Obsessed Survey Details

Survey Name: Checkers and Rally’s Guest Obsessed Survey

Checkers & Rally Survey URL:

Survey Method: Online

Free Coupon as a Survey Prize

Validity of Receipt: 7 Days

1 survey per person, per receipt

Coupon Validity and Limit: 7 Days after Survey Completion. One coupon per visit.

Requirements to Take The Checkers and Rally’s Guest Obsessed Survey 2022

To take this survey, you must have the following:

  • A fast and stable network connection.
  • For web browsing, use a smartphone or a computer device.
  • Finally, a Checkers’ receipt and a Rally’s receipt

These are basic requirements to take the online customer survey.

How To Take The Checkers And Rally’s Guest Obsessed Survey Online 2022

To begin the Checkers & Rally feedback survey, do this:

  • Progress to the feedback site at
  • You will need to have a receipt from the restaurant to do this as it will contain the necessary information to proceed. If you have one, then type in the store number.
  • Choose the date of your visit.
  • Tap on START to go to the form. A sample image will help identify these on the printed page.
  • Make sure that all the answers will be based on the specific visit. Indicate whether you ordered by walking up or driving through the store. Choose the time of day.
  • Enter your satisfaction rating with different elements such as the food’s temperature, the cashier’s demeanor, the accuracy of the order, the selection of drinks, and so on. Just be candid about it all.
  • There should be a text box where you can write in detail about your experience at the branch. Go ahead and tell them how you feel about their services.
  • Indicate the food items you ordered for yourself and give your satisfaction rating. Do the same for the beverages.
  • Also, describe the frequency of your visits to the restaurant in the past month.
  • Choose your reason for choosing Checkers and Rallies.

These are the steps to taking a survey online. If you are successful, you will receive a survey coupon.

About Checkers And Rally’s

Checkers and Rally’s Restaurant used to be two separate restaurants serving different areas. Their similarity in concept made they’re merging a good choice. However, this unified company is now based in Tampa, Florida. managing over 700 locations around the US.

The company focuses on motorists who wish to grab a bite while on the go. It has limited seating but excellent facilities for drive-thru orders. By visiting the restaurant, you can get comfort food like burgers, chicken, French fries, hot wings, shakes, hot dogs, and soft drinks.

What’s the official survey website for Checkers and Rally?

A Checkers and Rally customer feedback survey is available online at

How Do I Take the Guest-Obsessed Survey Online

To take the Guestobsessed Customer Survey, click on this link:

Then fill in the receipt details and click the start button. Follow the onscreen directives to complete the online survey.


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