Halloween Costume For Besties? Searching for the best costume to rock with your bestie this season? If Yes, kindly bit your tent here. This post will unmask amazing costumes for Halloween, including wears for guys and girls.

Halloween Costume For Besties

Halloween Costume For Besties

The season is one of the best times to dress up with your best friends, enjoy a few good scares and lots more. To make the season memorable, and fun with your bestie, finding a perfect costume will go a long way.

However, no matter your tribe, there’s a perfect costume waiting out there, which this article did justice to.  We already found the best ones for you and your besties.

Halloween  Movies For Besties

Read below to find the most creative best friend Halloween costume ideas for 2021,

Hocus Pocus

You can bring back the Sanderson sisters for just one night—without lighting the black flame candle. Swipe on some lipstick, and slip on those legendary garbs before running amuck. It will totally make Halloween 2021 way more than “just a bunch of hocus pocus.”


How to dress clueless- Grab your girlfriend, put on your best statement hat and stockings, and hit the town with a valley girl accent.

Rockford Peaches

Is a League of Their Own costumes—based on the trailblazers who made women everywhere hit the sandlot—are a guaranteed home run. They wear comes with their own bats!

East Compton Clovers

This is another amazing wear for the season. Though Bring It On might seem like it’s focused on a rivalry, but it’s really about the importance of friendship. Thus, a perfect message for Halloween with the besties.

Best Halloween Costume For Guys

  • Thing 1 and thing 2

The super-easy jumpsuits are eye-catching and warm, thanks to a cosy lining. Very perfect for the season, sure? Yep, you can wear them as pyjamas long after the holiday has passed. Do you see? You have nothing to lose.

  • Rick AND Morty Costume

How do I look, Rick and Morty? To get a look at Rick, you will need the following;

A tri-blend crew tee

Short spiky costume wig

A gold belt buckle with canvas web belt

Men’s white lab coat

Straight-leg pants

Crew socks, and black walking shoes.

For Morty’s look, get the Following

A yellow t-shirt

light up space gun toy with sounds

Fruit of the Loom men’s socks, and classic white sneakers.

Although it seems like these two are at odds with one another, mostly when they butt heads, they happen to be pretty close. Thus, not only are these two figures but Carlton is his best friend and brother figure.

So, If you have a close friend in your life, you probably won’t find a better costume for the occasion.

  • Mermaid Man And  Boy

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are the perfect duos for bikini. Known for their television show in their younger years they tend to be more relaxed nowadays and fight crime occasionally.

Get an aqua man costume, white short hair wig, seashells bra with cord, yellow letter M belt. You also need a purple starfish, pink slippers and purple spray paint for Mermaid Man.

Then, for Barnacle Boy, you’ll need a sailor cap, black swimming goggles, a solid colour bandanna, a red long-sleeve shirt. Also, black yoga shorts, blue rubber gloves and finally, black rain boots.

  • Batman And Joker

Batman and Joker a great duo costume. While Batman is doing his best to end crime in Gotham, Joker is looking to push his buttons a little. However, the two have a history that’s long and full of chaos, but it’s a great choice for a double costume with your friend. So, get ready to either save some civilians or cause some crimes.


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