Most people never knew what Happy Light is all about? Now will be talking about happy Light.

Happy Light

Happy Light

Happy Light allows you to stay connected to healthy, full-spectrum light that is so essential to our mental and physical light at 10,000 lux that mimics sunlight without the harmful UV-ray.

What is the purpose of a Happy Light?

The purpose of a happy light is to creative and prompt our physical system to produce the hormones directly responsible for improving mood and creating a sense of well-being. Here is are a list of happy lights that will brighten your life

Happy Light 2020

Verilux HappyLight bright up your home and it can still wake you up with 5 hours of waking up to mimic morning sunlight. You can use this light to pave way for substituting that second cup of coffee in the night or afternoon after lunch for 10-15 minutes with your happy light lucent light for a quick pick-me-up.

The recommended happy light lucent light therapy lamp take it a meter away from your face 20-60 minutes to benefit from up to 10,000 lux of bright light. The closer your Happylight lamp is to you, the less time you make use of it. You can place it further way and adjust the time and placement of your happy light lucent to maximize your comfort by choosing the setup that works best for you.

Best Happy Light

Miroco Light therapy Lamp

You can find the most comfortable miroco Light therapy lamp distance. When using the light place the light away 5.5 inches – to 20inches away from your eyes so you may find a comfortable angle that makes sure the light is facing your eyes, but you should avoid looking directly into the light. With this light, you can adjust the light to a Horizontal position into the various angles to suit you in a unique size. Very easy to pack when travelling.

Phillips SmartSleep HF3500/60 wake-up

The Phillip SmartSleep HF3500/60 wake-up lamp improves light therapy lamp and alarm clock for improving your everyday activities your sleep, energy and your well-being. Only a Philips light can wake you up with an alarm clock. They are there to wake you up after a long day of work and feel refreshed in the morning.

The clock display cannot be dimmed completely to ensure snooze of the alarm and beep function completely ensure you wake up on time, you can use the light therapy lamp beside reading lamp with 10 brightness settings and it comes with a warranty from Philips.

Mlife Light Therapy Lamp

Mlife Light Therapy Lamp improve the brightness of your home and it delivers full-spectrum recommended light of 10,000 lux, effectively improve your mood of rest and circadian rhythm and it helps achieve a lite deeper sleep.

The life light therapy lamp features adjustable brightness and colour, time function, wireless control, and a portable size with a bracket of the backside to hold it at the Comes with a remote lamp for you to control it without touching it and a 100% guarantee if you don’t like the product.

Titiroba wake up light

This wakes up light help to brighten up your work from home days and lovely soft lighting with warm glows as nice as a dim nightlight but also can bright enough for reading and crafting work. The light is automatic turn ON 30 minutes before the alarm goes off.

Sun Lamp Led white warm light

Being happy is one thing everyone needs to have in life. the sun lamp led white warm light emulating the energy power of a bright sunny day, the lamp deliver the medically recommended 10,00 lux for effective light therapy.

You can user- friendly to control and adjust the lamp setting with a simple touch and fine-tune the brightness level between 2,000 to select the brightness that fit your needs. You can adjust the position of the sunlamp to anywhere that pleases you.

Circadian Optic Leo Light Therapy Lamp

The Circadian Optic light is very easy to set up and to use with one touch of operation makes it simple to use. Not a complicated setting to mop around with. The circadian light allows you to brighten for the best efficacy and comfort to use and it improves the focus of the light quality product. The bulb light cannot be replaced. Both lamp adapters are covered by circadian optics with 2-year warranty.

Sgrow 24w red Led Light red

The Sgrow 24 red Led light red is designed to fit the standard of the E26/E27 socket and it is easy to set up and use. Increase light penetration through the skin to a pain point, is more effectively relieving pain and provide essential energy for cellular renew nutrition and removal of waste material. The red light helps to repair skin pain relief weight loss.

Red light therapy Lamp

The Red Light therapy lamp each of the lamps is 18pcs high power LEDs in total. It makes the best wavelength for light therapy, the infrared light is invisible to naked eyes so when using the bulb only half of the chips will appear. The red light bulb is equipped with a 90-degree glass lens and additional supper light to fit any standard of your need. Easy to set up and to use.

Vivosun clamp Lamp Light

it can be used for common lighting in the room, the garage, Art studios or by photographic light, Photoshop light etc. the lamp can be used for heating reptile pet terrarium and even outdoor activities for the night, the lamp shed is made of reflecting aluminium material, which has good reflection effect high efficiency. Which allows you to easily position the lamp almost anywhere you need it.


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