12 Happy New Month Prayers For Triplets In December 2022. Are you looking for the best new month Prayers to send to triplets this December?

12 Happy New Month Prayers For Triplets In December 2022
12 Happy New Month Prayers For Triplets In December 2022

If yes, search no more.in this article you will find a list of powerful prayers you can send to the triplets in your life, whether children, friends, neighbours or classmates.

12 Happy New Month Prayers For Triplets In December 2022

Sending new months’ Prayers to your loved ones is a way to show them how much you care for them. So, If you’ve been looking for the perfect new month wishes for triplets and this write-up is here to help. You are just in the right place because this Write-up comes with lots of great prayer Ideas that will make your friends and family smile.

Best New Month Prayers For Triplets

You can Wish your Triplet a happy New month in December with prayer and here you see some amazing prayers you can send them.

Pray For Unity

Happy new month, may the bond of unity and oneness continue to grow and strengthen your life. There will be no cause for conflict or fights in Jesus’s name Amen.

Prayer for Divine Exemption

You won’t be a victim of war or evil. You are all exempted from every form of trouble cooking around your life.

Academic Success

My lovely Triplets, in this new month of November, you will excel in your academics, failure is not your portion. Success around. Happy new month

Prayer for Long Life

Happy New Month beloved. You will live long, the number of your days you will fulfil. And you will not die an untimely death, you will also, not be a victim of sudden death.

Prayer of Unending Friendship

The best form of friendship is the one shared between siblings. Therefore, in this December month, your friendship bond will continue to blossom; nothing shall break it and separate you.”


To the best Triplets in the world, in this new month of December, men will favour you, systems will favour you, and institutions will work in your favour. Happy new month.

Open Doors

Everyone longs for open doors as we navigate through this life. “In this new month of December, my prayer for you dear Triplets is that every closed door of opportunity, promotion or elevation be opened.

Prayer of Riches

This new month, You will not be poor, will not borrow, and your labour will yield results. Riches and prosperity will surround you. You are set apart for prosperity in Jesus’s name amen.

Declaration of Unending Love

Happy New Month my lovely Triplets. I declare that your love for each other will continue to blossom, and strife will not be found among you. Happy new month.

Declaration for Joy and Celebration

Rejoicing, Joy and Celebration shall be your constant realm in this new month of December dearest triplets. Nothing shall cause you pain and sorrow. Enjoy the rest days of the month.

Prayer for Peace and Harmony

“In this new month, I pray for you all to walk in peace and Harmony. Rest and tranquillity will be your portion. Nothing will cost you your peace, in the name of Jesus.

Prayer for Divine Provision

You will not lack any good things in life. As you celebrate this new month, everything you need will be divinely provided. And nothing will hinder your doors of Provision.

What are the Best Happy New Month Prayers for my Friend?

Sending new month’s wishes to your friends is an excellent way to show them how much you care about them.

For your friend: “ a happy new month to you my beloved, may you continue to enjoy God’s favour and blessings all through the month. I bless God for giving me such a wonderful friend like you”.

Best New Month Prayer for Family?

Do you want to send new month messages to a family? Here is an example of how it should look like;

“It’s a new month filled with love and Unending blessings of the lord, for your family. May your family continue to enjoy God’s love and blessings in Jesus’ name amen”

Happy New Month Prayers to my Brother

To my cute brother, may line keep falling in pleasant places for you. This is your Month of upliftment, breakthrough and exploitation. You shall enjoy the rest of your month and may Lord Grant all your heart desires.



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