7 Happy New Month Prayers For Your Grandmother in December 2022. Send a heart-melting new month prayer to your beloved grandmother today. December is a month of showing our lives ones how much we care about them, Grannies are not left out.

7 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Grandmother in December 2022
7 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Grandmother in December 2022

However, as the calendar turns on a new month, it reminds you of the love and grace of God, who always offers his children a fresh start and a brand new page in life, regardless of how we have fared in previous days.

This article features several prayers that you can text or email to your lovely grandmother this month of December.

7 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Grandmother in December 2022

Sending your grandmother a new month message and prayer in December is a very good idea that will make her happy. These messages will also make her feel special.

Best Happy New Month Prayer for Your Grandmother 

Here are some of the happy new month prayers you can send for your grandmother this November. And, they are listed below:

Prayer for Divine Strength

To the most cutest grandma, this new month, the lord almighty will strengthen you in all areas of your life. So, happy new month to you granny, I love you.

Prayer For Long Life

This new month of December will not be your last month on earth, for you will live longer than you can imagine. A happy new month to you my sweet grandma.

Prayer to Reap Fruits of Her Labor

As you step into this great month of November, my prayer is for God to keep you alive and healthy to enjoy all these fruits of your labour, happy new month grandma.

Sound Health

To my dearest grandmother, I pray for good and sound health for you. And, in this new month of December sickness will be far from you and every member of our household.

Prayer Against Sorrow

May this new month fill your face with lots of joy, smiles, and anything sorrowful should be far from you. My prayer for you is all the positive things December has to offer, happy new month Grandmother.

Prayer for Abundant Blessings

My heart is filled with gladness for having such a wonderful grandmother like you. And, I pray as we enter this new month may God bless you abundantly.


Happy new month world’s best granny, thanks for all you do for me and my parents, even your prayer for us, welcome to December. You will forever be appreciated, Granny.

Child’s Prayer for Grandparents

The prayers for grandparents from a child go like this;

Almighty God, please bless my grandparents.

Thank you for the life they gave my parents

And for the life, they give to us.

Also, for the ways they helped me and made me strong, I give thanks. For the ways, they love me no matter what, I rejoice. For the ways, they have paved the road which leads me here, I am grateful.

I pray that they shall grow in wisdom and joy in Life, find peace and rest from their work, And be healed of every sickness and pain. Also, let them see with their own eyes your glory and the love of their children and grandchildren. Oh Lord, bless them always until they come to rest in you.

Best Prayers for Your Grandfather

I thank you for our grandfather who has played such an important role in our lives.

Remember with joy all of the time spent together doing simple things like fishing, doing a puzzle, baking cookies, taking a walk, reading a story and learning about the wonder of nature.

Thank you for the privilege of hearing his stories of life in another time and place that inspired us to work hard, be patient, courageously endure hard times and dare to follow our dreams.

We are forever grateful for the wisdom and stability he provided when we felt our world was falling apart.

What a great gift to us that he loved us just because we were his grandchild.

Thank you that he counted it a joy to spend time listening as we told him about the big and little things in our lives.

And may we continuously feel his hugs and feel the warmth of his smiles so that we can better comprehend your constant and unchanging love for us.



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