10 Happy New Month Prayers For Your Pastor In November 2022. Pastors are not left out in the new month prayers and wishes. Just the way you send monthly prayers to your parents, the same way you should send prayers to your spiritual parents. In this write-up you will get prayers and wishes you can send to your beloved pastor.10 Happy New Month Prayers For Your Pastor In November 2022

10 Happy New Month Prayers For Your Pastor In November 2022

As a new month dawn, wish your daddy and mummy in the lord happy new month by sending them amazing new month wishes, SMS, quotes and prayers. However, your pastor will be glad to receive any of the following sweet happy new month wishes, prayers and prophetic declarations from you.

10 New Month Prayer for Your Male Pastor in November 2022

Here are prayers and wishes you  can send to your spiritual father

Endless Favor And Blessings

You are welcome you into the month of endless favors and blessings in Jesus name amen.

Prayer For Good Health

May good health never leave you and your family this new month and beyond, wishing you all the best in all your ministry this new month.

Outstanding Breakthroughs

All that you have wished for in the previous month that you couldn’t get, all are coming to you in abundance this new month, my pastor, brace up for outstanding breakthroughs, you will be getting a bumper package this new month, happy new month daddy.

Prayers for Prosperity

In this new month the Lord will continue to bless you, you will make twice of what you got last month this new month, you shall not want, you will prosper, anything you lay hands on will multiply, so am going to advise you to start handling some hard currencies haha!, happy new month my friend, wish you and your family the best this new month.

Prayers For Fresh Oil/Anointing

In this month of November, may you receive a fresh anointing and oil in your ministry in Jesus name amen.

Prayer Against Hindrance

In this new month, all hindrances on your way shall be crushed by fire and God himself shall straighten your crooked ways in Jesus’ name. I wish you a Happy new month and fresh anointing.

Prayer for Hope

Every thing that is appearing hopeless in your life, God will intervene this month and you will have causes to be hopeful again in Jesus name. Happy new month Sir.

10 Happy New Month Prayer Point For your Female Pastor in November

You can also pray for your female pastors in this new month of November. And, the prayer points are as follows:

Pray for Her Career or Business

However, my prayer for you as my spiritual mother In this new month of November is that whatever business you are engaged in, you will prosper and flourish in it.

Prayer for Ministry Growth

In this month, I pray that your ministry will not fall down. And, as the church is growing, it shall continually grow in every area.

Prayer for Abundance

Because you have God, you have all things and even in abundance. I pray, henceforth, you shall not lack any good thing in your life in Jesus name. Happy new month Ma.

Prayer for Supplies

The Lord is supplying all your needs this day which is the first of a new month, in Jesus name. Expand your barn and be set to receive in multiple folds, Happy new month to you ma.

Love for God

This month I pray that the love for the things of God will overflow in your life. You will always be eager to do God’s work. Happy new month woman of God.


What Prayers Should I make For My pastor?

Prayer: oh Lord, help my pastor(s) to know Christ and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in His sufferings (Phil. 3:10). Since we know of their faith in the Lord Jesus and their love for all the saints, may we never stop giving thanks for them, always remembering them in our prayers.

How do you wish a pastor happy new year?

“You are the one who is always there to guide us in dark and enlighten us with knowledge….. Wishing you a New Year blessed with happiness and joy.” “Sending best of New Year wishes to the man of God who has always been there to bring happiness into our lives….. Have a wonderful year ahead.”

How do I bless my pastor?

Here are Ways to Bless Your Pastor

  • Give an encouraging word. Most weeks pastors pour over their study time, care for the congregation, consult the hurting, and serve those in the local community.
  • Give a gift.
  • Provide hospitality.
  • Give acts of service.
  • You can give time away.
  • Give a written note.
  • Give encouragement to his wife



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