7 Happy New Month Prayers To Send To Your Male & Female Friends. If you have friends that stick closer than a brother or sister, you can rekindle your friendship this new month by sending amazing prayers to him/her.

7 Happy New Month Prayers To Send To Your Male And Female Friends
7 Happy New Month Prayers To Send To Your Male And Female Friends

7 Happy New Month Prayers To Send To Your Male And Female Friends

Below are selected Happy New Month messages you could send to your best friend at the beginning of November in the year 2022.

Emotional Friendship Messages

Friends are very rare jewels, When around they make You smile & encourage you to succeed. Friends can lend an ear, share a word of praise, & they always want 2 open their hearts to you. Here are emotional friendship messages to send to your best friends

  1. A blessed day and Morning to you, Step by Step the year is running to a close. As you start another month today You shall not have cause to regret waking up to see the light of each day. I appreciate You. Happy new month
  2. People like you are hard to come by, they are so precious that we never want 2 loose times they are too far that we can’t reach them. So whether u are here or there. You are still a darling., Happy new month.
  3. It’s a new month my Love and my Love has crossed over for you. This time it is more potent than last month’s. It’s hot, precious, and endless. What can I say, You are the magic of my heart and I sing about your beauty and friendship all the time. Enjoy this new month
  4. A candle may melt, and its fire may die, but the friendship you have given me will. Always stay as a flame in my heart. I care about you
  5. Friendship is a priceless gift that can’t be bought or sold, but to have an understanding friend is far more worth than gold! Happy new month beloved.

Best Happy New Month Messages for Both Male And Female Friends

Here are the best happy new month Prayers for your friend

  1. In this new month, may your life will continue to shine bright as sunshine. I just want to say a very big happy new month to you.
  2. I wish you an amazing day ahead as we enter into December with lots of love, success, and big warm kisses.
  3. In this new month, may everything you lay your hands on this new month be successful and yields a great increase as you wake up to see this new month.
  4. I do know that this December came with lots of success up to its sleeves, and so I pray that the ocean of its fortune floods your home and all that concerns you.
  5. As we enter into the fresh month, may you find new opportunities and fortune opening doors for your family?
  6. I pray that God makes this new month benefit you with lots of great happenings that please the heart. I just want to say a happy new month and lots of success to you beloved.
  7. I pray your new month begins with lots of peace and continues entirely throughout your lifetime with lots of joy and happiness. Happy new month.
  8. In December, I wish you the most beautiful things on this earth because you are special to me and deserving of more than you can ever imagine.

Happy New Month Prayers for my Friend

  1. To my beloved Friend, Today I pray for your uplift and happiness. May your name be written among the most successful people in the world because you deserve it and more. Happy new month
  2. Happy new month dear, I pray that special things happen in your life in this new month.

Happy New Month, my Love

  1. In this new Month, I pray for your success now and forever; wishing you the most beautiful things life can bring. Happy new month my love.
  2. My prayer for you this new month is to see you excel beyond your expectations. Happy new month dearest, I love you.

What are Happy New Month Prayers to my Brother?

I wish you all the best now and forever. I pray that your new month is blessed with lots of success, I love you brother.

Happy New Month Message to my Crush?

  1. Hey dearest, you’re up and alive up till this month which means good tidings and good opportunities await you. May you find peace in your heart forever.
  2. A Fresh month, new fortunes, you will get your share of good fortunes in this new month and may you excel in life.
  3. A happy new month to you my dearest. Thank you for everything you do and I wish you good luck and fresh love this month.
  4. Here’s me wishing you all the best in this world and I pray that your success in this world will have no bounds now or ever.
  5. May this new month be filled with lots of success and peaceful moments. You’re greatly loved and highly appreciated. Take care of yourself love.



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